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Mar 12, 2008 10:40 AM

Roman wedding reception

Hello all--

So my wedding planner sent me a list of possible restaurants for a wedding reception. I was wondering if you could help me out by answering the following questions...

1. Tasty? Traditional or adventurous? 2.Good ambience? 3. Price range? 4. Decent wine list (Italian only is fine)?

Here are the restaurants...
1. Cantina del Vecchio
2. Convivio
3. Osteria dell'Antiquaria
4. Pierluigi's
5. Ristorante Taverna Angelica
6. Gusto
7. Ristorante Vecchia Roma
8. Osteria dell'Ignegno
9. La Campana
10. Il Passetto

I am not that picky. This is a VERY small wedding, 10-15 people. I would prefer cozy to stuffy. All that is really required is a great meal to satisfy my guests who are traveling so far to be with me on my wedding day. Also, I'm getting married in a church in Piazza Navona, so if you know of any other close by restaurants that fit the bill, please let me know.

Thank you!

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  1. Convivio is universally beloved on this board. Include me in the enthusiastic group. It's very elegant and upscale. Yes, it is expensive, but you'll float out of the restaurant feeling you've had a truly special experience both foodwise and ambiance-wise. Do a search on Convivo and you'll pull up lots of specifics.

    Pierluigi's has its proponents and its detractors. If the construction is still going on in front of the restaurant, you may want to eliminate this independent of how wonderful the restaurant is itself. Again, do a search.

    Finally, check the internet for each restaurant's own web site to see if menus -- including prices -- are included.

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      1. La Campana is a very cozy very simple small restaurant. The food is always consistantly good. It may work for an early dinner as it tends to be very crowded in the evening. You may also want to check La Pollarolla close to the Campo dei' Fiore. It was remodeled last year and is quite nice now. The food is always good and they would have room for a larger party.

        1. L'Osteria de "Memmo" i "Santori"
          Via Dei Soldati, 22-23
          06 68135277
          I think Memmo's would be perfect, great atmosphere, pretty room, perfect location from your wedding, great food.

          1. If you feel up to the expense, Il Convivio would be perfect. You could have a private dining room and great wines, very well chosen. The food is creative and upscale but sufficiently Italian to satisfy visitors. The location would be good for you. Cantina del Vecchio, on via dei Coronari, also near, is on my list to try, but in any case it's not in the same league. more casual. Somebody here did have a good experience with it for a wedding, so you might search. Passetto is also good for location. I haven't been there, but it's known to be good in a very classic, possibly stodgy, way. Campana, Ingegno, Gusto are no way to start a marriage. Vecchia Roma is beautiful, but food is not always fantastic and it's not that near you. Your number is very small, so you don't need a wedding planner for this if you want to go off her list.

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              Maureen: The Vecchio Roma I know and love is just east and upstairs of Giolitti, but I get the feeling that people are referring to an altogether different restaurant. Can you fill me in? TIA.

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                The most famous Vecchia Roma is in Piazza Campitelli. Traditionally it is considered the most romantic spot on earth, but actually the tables are too close together and the food is not that wonderful, but it is beautiful.