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Mar 12, 2008 10:35 AM

Are there any other place that are like Japanese Village in edmonton?

the kids love going to places like that but we hate going all the way down town
so we are looking for something thats done the same way

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  1. Do you mean places that do teppanyaki ( or just Japanese in general?

    1. Is Shogun still around?

      I've never been but heard it was like Japanese village. It used to be on 121st just off Jasper (half block north of)

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      1. re: livetocook

        They are still around - they have a couple of teppanyaki tables, a bunch of booths/rooms in the back and regular seating, as well as a sushi bar.

        But... is that what the person is asking for? If they're just looking for sushi there might be someplace closer to where they live.

        1. re: anonymoose

          Yeah and i was also thinking, after I posted, that it's also downtown

          1. re: livetocook

            thanks for the info so far
            we are looking for places that do the teppanyak. We are on the south side it that helps