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Mar 12, 2008 10:31 AM


Tis the season. Anyone out there got a good rec for a rhubarb fan? Hold the strawberries and keep it pure.

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  1. They are starting to get it at the Pasadena FM on Saturday mornings at Pasdena HS. The herb lady should start this weekend, she told me, and one of the fruit/veggie vendors on the other side had some this past weekend. I will start stacking up on Saturday!

    1. For something a little different, BLT Steak which is opening in the next few days has a rhubarb puree/ginger beer/vodka cocktail -- it's nice and tart. Oh, and cocktails are apparently $14 now at the finer places in town...ouch.

      1. I think the best rhubarb comes from a farmer that sells at the Wed Santa Monica market and the Sat Pico/Cloverfield Santa Monica market. It's a husband/wife team and right now their stand is dominated by squash -- butternut, tahitian, acorn, etc. You'll see some rhubarb there at the moment. Once the weather heats up in Lompoc, they'll have good tomatoes, celery, peppers, etc. But for now, they've got tons of squash and some great rhubarb that I use for jam and pie.

        1. Add fresh or frozen blueberries to rhubarb pie. Rhubarb freezes well, which is good, since the season is just too short!

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