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Mar 12, 2008 10:21 AM

Restaurant Kremlin: Cuisine of the CCCP?

Anyone been? I have a small fascination for communist regimes, and the storefront of this restaurant brought back fond memories of the USSR during perestroika and Gorbachov, of Red Square and too much Stoli. Has anyone tried this place? It is on Cote du Beaver Hall. Of course, if there is more than just one dish (usually chicken) on the menu, it can't possibly be authentic.

(Me: I'll have the beef
Waiter: Nyet.
Me: I'll have the pork?
Waiter: Nyet
Me: How about the dumplings?
Waiter: Nyet. (grabs menu and points at various items) Nyet....Nyet...Nyet...(pause) Chicken
Me: Chicken it is...)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I did try it when it was recently opened (1-2 yrs ago?) & it wasn't to my liking. I then asked a colleague who is from USSR about it & he said he didn't think it was great either. I asked where a good one might be found, he mentioned one or two places around Queen Mary; I don't remember names & that colleague is retired now :(

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        Probably La Caverne (5184A Côte-des-Neiges, 514 738-6555).

        1. re: carswell

          Hmmm, there is one for sure actually on Queen Mary, west of Decarie. I can't remember the name of it right now, but I've heard it's not bad at all.

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            Are you thinking of Restaurant Astoriya?
            5405 ch Queen-Mary (514) 485-6060

            I seem to recall a rather interesting review in the Hour a while back, I'll see if I can find it.

            Edit: haven't found the review yet, but did find a review of another Russian place on Queen Mary, L'Ermitage - 5001 Queen Mary 514-735-3886


            1. re: kpzoo

              Yup, it was L'ermitage I was thinking of, and the sour cherry dumpling are better than Chekieze was on AI on Tuesday (and that means they are really really really really good).

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                Other Russian Restaurant reviews in The Hour:
                Le Georgia by Maeve Haldane (Dec 04)

                Restaurant Armenia by Maeve Haldane (Jan 04

                Troika by Maeve Haldane (April 07)

                And while we're at it, from The Mirror:
                Le Georgia by Sarah Musgrave (Sept 02

                La Caverne by Sarah Musgrave (Dec 02

                Kremlin by Mark Slutsky (Nov 06

                1. re: zekesgallery

                  There's a new Russian restaurant on Decarie blvd in Ville St-Laurent, where Da Pasquale pizzeria was for a brief time.

              2. re: maisonbistro

                Oops. Could have sworn there was a CDN in the OP's message. Sorry. In any case, La Caverne *is* half a block north of Queen Mary and is reputed to be crazy but good, especially for dumplings and especially for fruit (sour cherry!) dumplings. Haven't been to L'Ermitage either but it looks good from the outside (just up the street from Snowdon metro).

          2. I tried it twice 1-2 yrs ago. Very disappointed.

            1. There's an amazing place on Decarie about half a block north of Queen Mary called Georgia. We don't go there nearly often enough.

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              1. re: mellybean

                I second Le Georgia. You also must have some chilled vodka with your meal because it helps with digestion as the owner was quick to point out last time i went. I personally enjoyed the solyanka soup but everything i tried was really good.

                1. re: mellybean

                  Oh man. Le Georgia is so good. The duck with tkemali is out of this world. The dumplings, the meat salad appetizer, the solyanka, the desserts... Everything I've tried there is delicious.

                2. I went for the lunch buffet and thought it was great for a quick cheap bite!...yummmmmmmy dumplings btw!