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Apr 2, 2002 11:14 PM

BEST Albondigas Soup in LA

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MI INDIA BONITA located in E. LA makes the most wonderful (meatball) soup only on Wed every week. They normally run out an hour after lunch begins, so come early. It's located on Olympic just east of the 710 on the N. corner. TOP SECRET

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  1. the ultimate albondigas test ... is it big balls or small balls?

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    1. re: jen maiser

      In terms of meatball size/quantity don't forget how resourcefull 'hounds are. The company cafeteria does Albondigas soup, which is VERY popular. It used to be you would have to get there within 1/2 hour of openning time to insure you could dip out (self serve) your fill of meatballs. So of course this clever 'hound would arrive early, and fish out broth, and all the meatballs his heart desired. Then the "authorities" in the cafeteria tried to get smart and started cutting the meat balls in half before putting them on the soup, in the misguided belief that they would then extend the amount of meatballs available to the masses. Little did they realize that all that did was add a another minute or so when the 'hound was doing his dipping/fishing, and instead of say 20 whole meatballs, this hound would fish out 40 or 50 half meatballs.

      You can't get one by a good 'hound.

      1. re: Chino Wayne

        My grandmother would be so proud of you! She is the one who i learned to eat albondigas from - makes it at home with way more meatballs than anything else. From her, I learned two things - 1) to scoff at any albondigas soup that is 'chintzy' with its meatballs and 2) to always take enough meat out of the soup on a buffet to 'get your money's worth' (g)

        1. re: jen maiser

          Your grandmother sounds like my kinda girl.

      2. re: jen maiser

        The VERY TASTY "MEAT BALLS" are handmade and very large and must be cut into pieces for the average Hound to eat them. For six bucks you won't leave hungry. It's like trying to eat a ONE POUND HAMBURGER in one sitting, so it's best to share.

      3. This is a little gem of a place. Homemade style food made by the owner and her family. Gets real busy at lunchtime during the week. The albondigas soup is superior here. While the meatballs do contribute to the stature of this dish, the secret is in the broth. A carefully made broth is time consuming and the difference is evident here. In addition to the soup I have also enjoyed the enchiladas and pozole.

        Mi India Bonita Cafe
        4731 E Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90022
        (323) 267-8505

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          Tujunga Charlie

          My family went to MI INDIA BONITA yesterday and my dad and brother had the "amazing" abondigas and both thought that it was the best they'd ever had. I'm a vegetarian and I had the Chiquiles con Huevos which were amazing as well. Does anybody know where i can find a great Chow Fun?

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            Where is Mi India Bonita