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Mar 12, 2008 09:57 AM

[Hou] Kenny & Ziggy's Deli

Can anyone give me any word about this place. It is real close to my brother's house and I am not a big fan of overpriced deli's. Would this place change my mind?

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  1. I have not been but i always get to hear about it from a friend who goes there every single time he is on business in h-town. He has been know to eat both lunch and dinner there in the same day. And then go back there the very next day! I trust his recommendation, he's jewish afterall and said this place rivals Gilbert's here when it was in it's 'heyday' (much prior to the year or so leading up to it's demise - but that is another topic). I wouldn't put 'overpriced' and 'New York deli' in the same sentence especially if it is outside of NY, know what i mean?

    1. it is good, but if you dont like jewish deli, you wont like it. it is not the best, not ass good as a place like Katx's deli (the one on Houston in NYC, not the one on Westheimer in Houston) or Ben's on long island, but it does the job when a corned beef sandwich is needed. just wish they did half sandwichs and cups of matzo ball soup rather than just bowls

      1. The menu and the pictures look fantastic. Alas, I bet the chances are slim and none that a place like that could make it in Dallas.

        I love me some deli food!

        1. I think K&Z do better at appetizing (smoked fish, salads, etc.), but their deli is pretty good. Compared to NY, they are not overpriced. For Houston, they are a little high, but they give you a lot for your money. And the desserts are not to be missed! If you don't have room, they will pack them to go.

          1. I go to Kenny & Ziggy's often on a Saturday or Sunday morning for their nova lox. I was astonished to find them when I moved to Houston a year ago and I like them. The best on the planet? No. But dependable and good. You may have to ask for pickles but they bring them cheerfully -- dills and half-sours aplenty.