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Mar 12, 2008 09:55 AM

Sushi with Brown Rice in LA area

I just discovered i need to be eating more brown rice and less white rice (it's a sugar thing). where can i find a good sushi place (i like Hirozen, Katsu-ya, Sushi Gen, Azami, etc) that serves brown rice instaed of white if i ask for it? I went to Hirozen the other night and they didn't have brown rice (though i could have sworn at some point i saw someone get a roll with it there once a while ago). Thanks for any suggestions.

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    1. Brown Rice is also called Gen Mai.

      Whole foods and gelson's both do it, although you have to request it sometimes from the Gelson's itame.

      There used to be a place in Sherman oaks that did it, but it has changed hands and names so many times, I don't know if they still do. It's on Van Nuys and Moorpark, near the Pinapple Hill Saloon.

      I think Erewhon does it, as well as Bristol farms..not sure.

      Seems more likely in Supermarkets, or maybe that's just where I've seen it more.

      1. Try Bar Hayama on Sawtelle. They are a very health conscious sushi bar/restaurant and do offer brown rice. I just don't know if they do so at the sushi bar.

        1. There is a sushi restaurant on Abbot Kinney in Venice that only uses brown rice.Sorry can't remember the name .Something like shino.Maybe somone else knows.The food is very good.Pricey.

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              shima serves exquisite, excellent sushi.
              the rice is milled to the itame's specifications.

              1. re: mollyomormon

                No formal sign announcing the restaurant, just a plain sheet of paper stuck to the gate in front. It is on the West side of Abbott Kinney, just up from Palms at 1432. The food and service are great, though the flavor of the brown rice sushi is something quite different from the more common white rice. There is a loft seating area as well, if you want more privacy.

                1. re: New Trial

                  Would you lovely people advise on Shima's prices, and whether or not I need to make a reservation for two on a weeknight? Thx!

                  1. re: krafty

                    the prices are high.
                    the quality is phenomenal.

                    1. re: krafty

                      Although it shouldn't be much of a problem on a weeknight, the place is small so a reservation can't hurt. Prices are high, which is why I usually head East to Sushi Zo or Mori instead--better value for the price point.

                      1. re: New Trial

                        Indeed, am obsessed with Zo. Thanks for the tips!

              2. Sushi on brown rice? That just doesn't seem right. Healthy concerns suck. =P In any case, I'm pretty sure I saw a couple brown rice sushi concoctions at M Cafe de Chaya.

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                1. re: mstinawu

                  Sushi on brown rice is not unusual to Japanese, who call it gen mai. I actually prefer the taste. It is slightly nuttier adn more satisfying to me.

                  You are right about M Cafe de Chaya

                  1. re: mstinawu

                    I, too, prefer the slightly nuttier taste of brown rice (where available) on sushi. So far, I've mostly gotten the ones @ Whole Foods - but thankful for all the places on this thread.