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Need Relatively Quiet Restaurant

Last summer we visited my stepdaughter who was an intern. Zaytinya was one of the suggestions from this board and the food was wonderful, BUT it was so loud we could hardly hear each other. Making this even worse is that my stepdaughter has a hearing impairment.

So, any suggestions again for a restaurant with great food that isn't too loud. We'll only get a chance to visit her once in DC...so someplace special would be great. She likes everything, but Indian. Thanks so much for your suggestions!

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  1. Nora has really good fresh, organic and innovative meals. It's in a really quaint converted grocery store and is not loud. It's definitely special.

      1. Zola is great for lower noise level, but isn't quite special occasion.

        Also for more special occasion Le Paradou, Circle Bistro is really good for this too, or Blue Duck and they have really well prepared food and lower noise level with different types of cuisine. I am sure other people will have lots of good ideas too.

        Or the back room of Palena which is much quieter than the front. Also CityZen is an excellent special ocassion choice and their tables are spaced so noise isn't normally a problem at all.

        1. Thanks for your suggestions so far. Let me clarify...it doesn't have to be the fanciest place in town...she'll be coming right from work. Any place that has particuarly good and that a college student normally wouldn't have the funds for would be perfect. Thanks again!

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            I'd vote Zola, then. It's pretty quiet, plus is very cool. I think a college-age student would be very impressed. Plus, the good is very good.

            Another option would be 701, not far from Zola.

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              The only worry I would have with 701 is on their jazz nights it can get loud, but I don't know what nights they do that, but on a non-jazz night that is a great rec, or if you sat far away perhaps its not quite as loud we were seated pretty close when we went which was fine for us, but...

          2. you have hit on my #1 pet peeve w/ some of the new 'cool' restaurants in DC. Most are so loud you can't enjoy yourself. If you sit away from the bar area, Brasserie Beck is good (upscale casual/belgian). Bistro Bis (french) is really good too and had a reasonable noise level. My #1 fave is Obelisk, dupont circle 5 course n. italian menu w/ a few choices per course. Always great, like a dinner party atmosphere (only about 20 tables) and delicious food. $65PP (i know ktmoomau that i post about it alot... :)
            In the same area Urbana is good, again, if you sit away from the bar to avoid the happy hour scene.

            1. I was going to suggest Cashion's Eat Place, and then I saw someone else started another thread about it which you could also check. Cashion's is a wonderful restaurant, and one of the things I love most about it is how welcoming it is while still feeling special and sophisticated. I'm really sensitive to loud restaurants and bad acoustics, and that's one of the reasons I love this place. We were there a week or two ago for Dining Out for Life, and it was really crowded, but we had no trouble talking or hearing, including to other people sitting near us at the bar.

              The last time I checked their website was way out of date, and they change the menu daily.

              1. Thank you for all the suggestions. I wish we had more then one night! It turns out we will be staying at Embassy Suites on 22nd Street. Are any of these near there? Not a problem if we need to drive or take a cab. Thank you.

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                  Both Circle Bistro and Blue Duck Tavern should be close. I think Blue Duck is only about two blocks away, three max. Circle Bistro is about 3 blocks I think.

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                    you are an easy walk from Obelisk which is in dupont circle. you are just southwest of that.