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Apr 2, 2002 07:34 PM

Does LA believe in butchers?

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Santa Monica has a nice fish store, but so far as I can tell there isn't a decent butcher shop within 20 miles. I know I must be wrong. I definately hope I'm wrong.

I'm not weird or anything but I like to talk with the guys that are cutting meat, look at the selection and variety, ask about getting different cuts, different sources. I like meat wrapped in paper not plastic and sytrofoam on toilet paper... Ok, I am weird, so sue me, but what do I do in LA?

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  1. Try Bristol Farms, or one of the higher end Vons Pavillions or Ralphs. The local Ralphs in Chino Hills not only has butchers, but they have one butcher who is the Seafood Manager. This guy will special order anything that swims for me. I am sure they would also help you with some custom cutting if asked.

    I am getting my meat delivered via from a Stater Bros in Upland, and much of the meat is hand picked and paper wrapped by a butcher.

    1. I have actually developed a decent relationship with several of the butcher's at the Whole Foods Market in Beverly Hills. One in particular loves to brag to me about his daughter in the foreign service. The meet is wrapped in paper; the butcher's are knowledgeable, and the meat is pretty good. Not as good as from Lobels in NY, though.

      1. If you want to drive to The Valley there is a great butcher in Burbank on Magnolia just east of Hollywood Way. My friends from NY love the place. I think it's called Rick & Steve's...I got a 22 pound lamb from them last year for Easter that was quite tasty.

        1. Try Victor's Meat on National.

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            Whereabouts on National? Gotta cross-street?

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              10002 National Blvd.

              Just about where National crosses Palms as it runs beside the 10 Frwy.

          2. Try Victor's Meat on National.