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Mar 12, 2008 09:33 AM

A Decision Finally

I have been going crazy deciding where I wanted my husband to take me for my birthday.

I had booked BLT-Steak and cancelled
I had booked Sonona and my mom said her meal there was loud and terrible

I just made a ressie at Restaurant X.

I think I will be happy. What is the dress code there?

Also- I see they have a great selection of cheese. We love cheese. What course is proper to order a cheese course. When we were in Italy it was a dessert. I want the cheese AND a dessert.

It is my birthday!

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  1. X is a wonderful choice. The food and service are both excellent. As for dress, smart casual (though I'm not sure what that really means) is the minimum. I would not be uncomfortable there wearing nice jeans, but I would not be uncomfortable there in a tuxedo.

    They have a variety of cheese offerings including a three cheese plate, a five cheese plate and an extravagant larger cheese plate. Consult with your waiter. Every server there seems knowledgeable and flexible.

    Enjoy your birthday!

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    1. re: Deven Black

      Thanks- I am so looking forward to it. After hearing about their brunch I would like to do that too.

      I also just made a ressie at X2O for the following weekend. I have 4 kids and am sick of Applebees.

    2. If you feel like dressing up for your birthday, go for it. I always get a little dressed up when we go there. It's your BIRTHDAY..............Enjoy