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"Sugar" coke in LA

Said to be "hecho" in mexico though I've heard that even down south they now use corn syrup. Any local sources for coke in which this is not true?

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  1. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/444326

    According to some of the posts here the Mexican Coca Cola they were finding via this thread was made with cane sugar and not HFCS.

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      The Chowhound Team split a tangent about a rumored use of HFCS at some Coca Cola bottlers in Mexico


    2. I bought mine from CostCo.

      24 for 18 bucks I think. Good, but wouldn't do it very often.

      1. i saw a LOT of cases for sale at the Big Saver market in La Puente last week

        1. Galco. Galco has a lot of sodas made from cane sugar, not syrup. Coek is one of them. they also have DR Pepper, Moxie, Kickapoo Joy Juice, Malta, Green River, Jones, and a whole host of others!

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            I love Galco - you can find so many great things there. Actually, have you checked Bev Mo? On a couple of occasions I have noticed that they carry Coke from Mexico there now and then.

          2. Oftentimes indie/gourmet coffee shops and cafes will have it. I've seen it at Groundwork, The Little Next Door, and I think possibly Intelligentsia (but I'd find a corroborating source on that last one).

            1. Check during Passover in any of the stores carrying kosher products... Kosher Coke is made with cane suger and not HFCS because corn is considered a grain and not permited during the holiday...

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                Passover startrts the evening of April 19th - so start checking your grocery stores for Kosher for Passover in the next couple of weeks -

              2. Costco in Burbank seems to always have them in stock. a case of 24 for about $18.00

                I just checked the Bottle they are made with sugar.

                1. There should be a lot available soon since it is almost Passover. They are usually sold with yellow caps.

                  1. 99 Cents stores have 2 for 99 cents in bottles.

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                      Wow! That's cheap. Coca Cola coke or some weird knock off coke? It this a regular item?

                      1. re: mstinawu

                        Semi-regular and yes Coke/Coca Cola
                        or as they use to put it
                        "it's the real thing"

                    2. Mexican Coke is available at Cafe Surfas in Culver City

                      1. Costco seems to be selling Mexican 'sugar' coke in 16oz bottles at all of its locations right now. The one in Tustin and in Fountain Valley both have it, as does one in Denver that a co-worker of mine happened to check. If you like Coke this stuff is like gold. Rates right up there with "Dublin" Dr. Pepper which is my main cane sugar delivery method ;-)

                        1. There have been several threads on this topic. I see what people like to call "Mexican Coke" all over town, especially in Latino neighborhoods.

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                            Same here, but typically at $1.50-$2.00 a bottle, Costco is selling a case for $18...a pretty decent deal if you really like the stuff.

                            1. re: MadNachos

                              Yes, but at the 99cent store, it's only 2 for 99 cents!!!!!

                          2. You do have to be careful to check the labels. Some of the Mexican cokes will say they are made with "sugar and/or corn syrup." So look for the ones that only list sugar.

                            I'm seeing them more and more, which makes me wonder if the increasing cost of corn is driving up the price of corn-syrup coke and making all-sugar cokes more profitable. If only that were the case with all cokes.

                            I found a bunch today at a Sherman Oaks liquor store (the one on the corner of Ventura and Kester). I am going to check out the 99-cent store next.

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                              Are there ones that just say "sugar" on them? I'm not talking about something like Jarritos but the sodas like Coke/Pepsi/Squirt/Crush/Sprite/7-UP that have those generic labels haphazardly stuck on them. Because as far back as I remember purchasing bottled Mexican soda, those haphazard labels always mentioned "corn syrup and/or sugar." If some of them just said "sugar," then I'm having a brain cramp. I never put much stock into those labels since they're as generic as they come (required for importing into the U.S.) and that I just blindly assumed that all of the Mexican bottlers used sugar. Now that I know through this thread that some are switching to HFCS, it's become more of a crapshoot. Passover Coke (where it just says "sucrose") is a guaranteed option where you know for sure it'll be sugar.

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                                All of the ones I have purchased from Costco recently have said only 'sugar'...none of them have HFCS listed anywhere. I am a huge Coke fan and was raised on sugar coke from glass bottles...every one of the Coke's I have purchased from Costco has for sure been 'the real thing'.

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                                  OK, good to know. Alas my brain cramp was with the cleaned-up, non-returnable 355ml bottles they're using. Haven't had any in a good while. Whether or not the stuff at Costco was legit was my focal point since it's heading my way soon and I'm sick of being charged $2 for a half-liter of whatever at the local Mexican market.

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                                    I can attest to this as well. No and/or corn syrup on the label when I bought it.

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                                      As people have indicated, the ingredient list will say if they are sugar only or if they are sugar and/or corn syrup. I had always assumed that any of the bottled cokes from Mexico were sugar only, but got a surprise when I looked at the ingredient list and saw the "and/or" language. Now I make sure to check the ingredients before buying. The ones I bought yesterday listed sugar only, so there definitely are two sets of bottles.

                              2. Can someone clarify if the kosher coca cola with the yellow cap with "sucrose" listed as the sweetening ingredient to be equal to the Mexican coca cola made from sugar cane? I've never seen Mexican coca cola with the word "sugar" or "cane sugar" in the ingredient list.

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                                  Sucrose is sugar, like the C&H stuff. Now whether it's derived from cane or beets, I couldn't tell you, because both are used to produce sucrose. Obviously, this is significant for staying with kosher dietary guidelines... cane nor beets are considered grains...

                                  1. re: bulavinaka

                                    I see my question did sound dense, but you answered it. I was wondering if there's a system where Sucrose automatically means cane sugar.

                                    That said, almost all Ralphs in So Cal (tried Westside and San Diego) stock the passover coca cola now, however, many have ran out of the regular and most will only have the diet passover in stock - which is pointless.

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                                      coca cola and most american labelers usually write sugar cane for sugar cane sugar and sugar for sugar beet sugar which is cheaper than sugar cane sugar . . . Mexico used to have sugar cane sugar supports and laws helping it, because Mexico has a domestic sugar cane production. Passover coke is made from sugar beets sugar

                                2. The 99¢ doesn't always have them, but when they do, yes, it's a fab price.

                                  And - sigh - Galcos. Love them.

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                                    99¢ only doesn't have any in stock and they don't seem to be in a hurry to get anymore. I have hit several stores this past month to no avail :(
                                    Any sightings in Long Beach, I have tried a couple of markets and have not spotted any.

                                    1. re: justagthing

                                      If the passover coca cola is the same as the Mexican version, Ralphs should have it now. It's currently on sale for $1.25 per liter bottle.

                                      1. re: Beignets

                                        Went to one of the Ralphs yesterday and even talked to the Coke guy that delivers and stocks the stuff. He had no idea of what I was talking about. Said he needed to talk to his supervisor about it. He was/seemed confused. LOL.
                                        Just checked Jons for Mexican Coke, none there. Sad I am.