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Mar 12, 2008 09:28 AM

"Sugar" coke in LA

Said to be "hecho" in mexico though I've heard that even down south they now use corn syrup. Any local sources for coke in which this is not true?

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    According to some of the posts here the Mexican Coca Cola they were finding via this thread was made with cane sugar and not HFCS.

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    1. re: Servorg

      The Chowhound Team split a tangent about a rumored use of HFCS at some Coca Cola bottlers in Mexico

    2. I bought mine from CostCo.

      24 for 18 bucks I think. Good, but wouldn't do it very often.

      1. i saw a LOT of cases for sale at the Big Saver market in La Puente last week

        1. Galco. Galco has a lot of sodas made from cane sugar, not syrup. Coek is one of them. they also have DR Pepper, Moxie, Kickapoo Joy Juice, Malta, Green River, Jones, and a whole host of others!

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            I love Galco - you can find so many great things there. Actually, have you checked Bev Mo? On a couple of occasions I have noticed that they carry Coke from Mexico there now and then.

          2. Oftentimes indie/gourmet coffee shops and cafes will have it. I've seen it at Groundwork, The Little Next Door, and I think possibly Intelligentsia (but I'd find a corroborating source on that last one).