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Mar 12, 2008 09:26 AM

Good seafood restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL area?

I am looking for a good seafood restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL area or within a 30 mile or so radius. I am taking my Mom out to dinner for her 70th birthday and she is a little fussy. Her favorite things to eat are seafood and vegetables. If it has a healthy,natural or organic feel that is a plus. If it is near water or has a water view that would be a bonus, but it's not as important as a good meal.

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  1. That depends on how much you want to spend...If money isn't that big of an object you should consider Charley's Crab. It has been one of Palm Beach's mainstay seafood restaurants and is located right on the ocean. Make sure to call for reservations. Hope she has a happy birthday!

    1. Without a doubt, The Station House, 233 Lantana Road, about one mile east of I-95. Fabulous, fresh seafood, and I'm sure she would enjoy the atmosphere, too. One caveat - you MUST make a reservation, as far in advance as possible. Here's the number:

      561- 547-9487



      1. The Ke'e Grill in Juno @ US1 and Donald Ross Rd. is a great seafood spot for the upper mid to high end level. They now take reservations, so I'd call them if going. The service has always been great and the seafood is excellent. Seafood and vegetables is what they primarily do.

        1. I just recommended a seafood restaurant to someone else and although it's not on the water and not organic or anything like that, I would have to say that Snappers in Boynton Beach has consistently had good food, great portions and reasonable prices. I've been there numerous times with my wife and daughters and after taking my parents, they were so impressed they have been taking all of their friends when they go out! It's at the SE corner of Old Boynton Rd and Military Trail just north of Boynton Beach Blvd.