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New Yorker going to KC for a week


I will be in Kansas City next week for work.

We are staying near the Sports Complex and my client is near Country Club Plaza.

Any must eat recommendations?

We will be renting a car, so it does not have to be within walking distance.


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  1. Hmm... here are my suggestions, just to hit some unique/new local spots:

    -ChefBurger (Lunch, gourmet burgers in the new Power & Light District, by 1924 Main guy)
    -Bristol Seafood (in Power & Light, also great happy hour)

    Crossroads (right outside of downtown)
    -1924 Main
    -La Bodega (tapas, great happy hour)
    -Lidia's (Italian)
    -Pizza Bella (Lunch- same guy as 1924)

    Plaza Area
    -Grand Street Cafe
    -The Mixx (lunch)

    1. Your iconic places would probably be Stroud's Arthur Bryant's(so you can say you've been there)and LC's. Mix in some Neicie's and Peachtree.

      1. What ever you do don't order a "New York Strip" you will likely be lynched especially if they fidn out you are from New York. Make sure you order a Kansas City Strip instead. That said my recs are as follows:

        Lulu's Noodle Shop in the Crossroads
        McCoy's in Westport
        La Bodega on Southwest Blvd.
        Piropos in Parkville ( I wish you luck finding it though)

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          The dining Piropos is now in Briarcliff Village, just north of downtown on the other side of the Broadway Bridge. Not too hard to find anymore!

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            dont go to mccoys on monday, at least not for the food, its gunna be a madhouse...now if its green beer your seeking, you're in luck (pun completely intended)

          2. while you're hear you might as well swirl the BBQ Circuit. Everyone has their favorites, but near the Plaza is JAck Stack Fiorella BBQ and my other favorite is Arthur Bryant's which is at 18th & Vine. Not much out by the Sports Complex area.

            Peachtree is good, Southern Food. They used to be in 18th & Vine - I think they are moving/moved to the Power & LIght District (upcoming downtown area near the Sprint Center).

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              There is a Peach Tree in Lee's Summit now as well. Was going to go last Sunday but the wait was over and hour. Went to Planet Sub instead.

            2. Bluestem in the Westport area.
              The food is AMAZING! Enjoy your time in Kansas City.

              1. Bluestem, bluestem, bluestem and then Justus Drugstore, Justus Drugstore, Justus Drugstore. I keep hearing about One Bite but haven't beeen there yet.

                1. near the sports complex LC's all the way. GREAT ribs, truly amazing. Other favs
                  Jack's Stack
                  J Gilberts, Capital Grille, Piropos
                  Fine Dining:
                  Bluestem (def. up there with some of the best in NYC), The American, 40 Sardines

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                    Thanks for all the great recommendations.

                    We made reservations for 1924 Main on Monday through Open Table. When we arrived we found out they were closed on Mondays. We went to The Capital Grille instead and had a great meal.

                    Tuesday- went to Blue Stem, I had the 7 course menu with wine pairing. It was amazing. The restaurant was very quiet, so we had exceptional service. The food coming out of there is definately a competitor against some NYC restaurants.

                    Wednesday- went to Jack Stack BBQ, great food.

                    Tonight- going to Michael Smiths based on recommendation from Blue Stem waitress and review of his website.

                    Thanks again everyone.

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                      I know it's a bit late for a steak reccomendation, but you might try Starker's Reserve on the plaza