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Mar 12, 2008 08:14 AM

Back in Melbourne wishlist - what do you think?

I've left Melb for just a over a year now and it's my first time back. Have kept an eye on new restaurants, but I only have 7 days (next week + easter) - my wishlist is as follows, would love to know what Melb hounds think! (Not everything is new, some are very old (e.g. Abla) but I'd never been...)

The Press Room
Maha (though ever since Reserve, I've had my reservations about george colombaris...)
Mirka at Tolarno
Bistro Guillaume (hopefully will be open by the time I get there!)
Journal Canteen
Sushi Bar Aka Tombo
Three One Two
The Argo
The Grand
Lau's Family Kitchen(??? - for curiosity's sake)
The Commercial Bakery

as an indication, some of my fave melb restaurants before i left were-
grossi florentino & cellar bar (no too hot about the grill)
the court house
shira nui
gertrude st enoteca

can't wait to get back to a city that respects caffeine!

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  1. wow!
    I have nothing to add to that but I do hope you are working on your appetite! ;)

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    1. re: kmh

      any help to subtract would be awesome too! i don't exactly plan on hospitalisation during or after the trip!

    2. Lets start at the top...
      No List
      Sapore, The Press Club (not Room), Mirka, Bistro Guillaume (not open yet), Maris, The Grand, Lau's

      Yes List
      Tempura Hajime (sell your soul if you need to), Rockpool (smart yet $$), Three one two,
      I'd also check out Gills Diner and Guiseppie Arnold and Sons opened over the weekend.
      Happy eating

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      1. re: eatingwithjack

        thanks ewj!
        could i ask, why not maris? a good friend (and avid eater) gave a surprising thumbs up.

        ah, yes, will definitely need to check out giuseppe arnold & sons!

        (and thanks for the correctn re press club - i work opp. a place called the press room in hong kong and i keep calling it the press club...)

        1. re: e_ting

          I've been to Maris 3-4 times and find the food a bit hit and miss. The service is also a liitle unprofessional and the dining room a tad strange (read - weird collection of personal items that mean anything to the diner).
          Just thought of Attica, a definite yes list addition. They have recently had through some of the key chefs in town for the food festival. Stephanie Alexander was dining when I was there last week!

      2. Tegan Ezard's newish place, Gingerboy is very good. The duck curry is worth the trip.