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Mar 12, 2008 07:32 AM

London Pies?

Baltimore hound in London for a long weekend (Easter, Chelsea-Arsenal, woo hoo) and looking for a good pie shop. Is Porter's a tourist trap or the real thing? Is Manze's worth a detour? Is there a spot near Borough Market that is worth visiting?

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    Their Spitalfields outlet is great. With respects to the Manze's and Cooke's places, their food is very, very plain.

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      Food at Porter's is ok, despite it being a tourist trap. Most pubs advertising "famous for our pies" are lying. Square pie do nice pies, as does Canteen in Spitalfields or in the Royal Festival Hall. However, if you are looking for trad "pie and mash", then you probably are looking at Manze's or Cooke's.

      RobinJoy is right, pie and mash is pretty bland, I'm not a fan but it is the authentic experience, unlike the other recommendations. F Cooke has an original art deco interior, the food costs very little. Depends whether you want good food or genuine pie and mash. Bear in mid that even in the "good food" category there is a limit to what can be acheived with a pie.

      NB Noticed the request that it be nr Borough, can't personally vouch but suspect Roast does a decent pie.

      1. re: Iestyn Morgan

        Thanks. Is Roast worth a visit? Was also curious about the Oyster and Porter House near the market. Market Porter is a given for the beers for me, but am also curious about food recommendations.

        1. re: aubzamzam

          Around the Market, except for the food stalls, Roast is probably one of better sit-down places to eat. Here's a link to read some recent reviews.

          A friend and I (she's from Wilmington, DE) had a tapas lunch at Brindisi's a month or so ago. I can also highly recommend that for a good meal, although I'm not sure of their hours. I think they also do a Saturday breakfast. It's small so show up early if you do go there.
          Enjoy your trip.

          1. re: aubzamzam

            I've only had breakfast at Roast, but I imagine it's just as good the rest of the day.

            Porter House has one horrible drawback: Trying to decide between all those beautiful brews. Other than that, it's superb.

            1. re: aubzamzam

              Strange, I work not that far from the market and have yet to drink a nice pint of bitter in the Market Porter. We go to the Globe, I wouldn't say that the beer is great but it's got a better atmosphere - it's less packed. And you can have a chat with some of the stallholders when they pop in for a guiness...