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Mar 12, 2008 06:23 AM

Where could I get Icelandic skyr in New York City?

Hello from a sunny, breezy and cool New York City! I'm wondering---where could I get Icelandic skyr in New York City please?

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  1. I *just* spotted this the other week at Whole Foods in Union Square. My first time w/Skyr was in Iceland and a bit of an unpleasant surprise (I was expecting something more... yogurty), but it def grew on me, so I was pretty excited to see it here.

    1. Whole foods on Bowery too

      1. I've recently become highly addicted to Skyr. For those that aren't familiar with the product -- it's a yogurt-type produc with very high protien (16g/container), low calories (120), fat free and relatively low carb (12 grams).

        Bouley Bakery sells a really delicious skyr -- made by some guy out of his Chelsea loft, I believe. The flavors are orange ginger, blueberry, pear mint and a couple of others. Really delicious. The approximate nutritional info that I quoted above is form the skyr sold at Bouley. Around $3 a container.

        Butterfields Market on the Upper East Side also sells it -- but it's pricey there, like $4.95 a container.

        And, WholeFoods -- I got it at the one on 24th.

        1. I think Murray's Cheese carries it as well.

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            One of my friends is totally addicted to Skyr and he gets his fix at Whole Foods. Murray's sells a domestic skyr made in upstate NY called Siggi's. My friend says Siggi's is good but not as good as the real thing.

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              Fairway also carries Siggi - for $2 a pop (that's a full $3 less a container than Butterfields for the same product).

          2. What is it? What do you eat it as a meal, snack, do you cook with it. sounds interesting and what to know more, thanks