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Mar 12, 2008 05:46 AM

Driving North to Montreal

I'll be driving to Montreal next week, and I am wondering if anyone has some good recs in northern NY State. We'll be looking for a lunch joint driving north, and a dinner spot returning home.

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  1. i don't.......but i've got some great recs in montreal itself (if interested)

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    1. re: southlake

      Yes, I heard about this place and we definitely want to go!

    2. Where will you be around lunch or dinner time?

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      1. re: jaylhorner

        I'm not sure, but it would be somewhere around the halfway point -- where ever that is! If it's a worthwhile dining experience, we can adjust either way.

        1. re: roxlet

          Saratoga is about 3 hours away. Many choices!

      2. We always stop in Saratoga--lots of good choices there.

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        1. re: spa

          Be sure to bring a cooler with some ice packs for a stop at Oscar's Smokehouse in Warrensburg, NY (just North of Lake George). Great smoked meats/cheeses.

          1. re: TonyO

            Thanks Tony!
            We're heading to Lake Placid tomorrow outselves and we've never stopped at Oscar's.
            We've always gone to Henry's Market in Bennington for great smoked meats and Nodine's in Goshen,Ct.,
            Looking forward to bringing the cooler up to Oscar's for a try!

            1. re: catnip

              Enjoy. The weather up this way looks to be fine this weekend. I do not know the Placid area that well but I'm sure others have some info. Have a great weekend.

        2. Agree with the Saratoga recommendation. Lots of earlier Saratoga responses to this kind of query in the Tristate archives, I'm sure. Oscars has a web site, to give you some idea of what's available, and it is worth the side trip. Best route (since I go to Warrensburg every Tuesday for my job is to get off Interstate 87 at exit 23, turn left to Route 9, turn right into Warrensburg, and proceed north. Oscars is on the right, after two traffic lights. (Look for the long lawn, Oscars sits up on a hill. After Oscars, do not return the way you came. Continue on Route 9 North to Pottersville, where you can pick up Interstate 87 again. Route 9 is a good road, and gives you somewhat of a break from the monotony of the Northway.

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          1. re: trakman

            I'm curious abou Oscar's, but it's kind of a non-starter for us. My husband does but hot and cold smoking, and I must say he makes the best smoked turkey I have ever had and his hot smoked salmon is to die for! He makes his own sausage too...

            1. re: roxlet

              Cant argue with someone who does his/her own smoking. But I'm sure the folks at Oscars would love to share their expertise with someone who can talk their language. Also might give your husband a chance to test his prowess against folks who do it for a living. Still worth a side trip

              1. re: trakman

                An area to look into is Northampton, Mass. I have done that trip and that may be a good area for lunch. The other place is Lake George. I can't recommend specific places but you can try the New England board for Northampton... the food will be better in Northampton but Lake George is beautiful and you can find food that is satisfactory.

                1. re: trakman

                  We stopped at Oscar's Friday morning on our way to Lake Placid for the weekend.
                  We bought about $300 worth of their goodies and we ate their goodies all weekend.
                  Really good smoked meats for anyone traveling up their way in Warrensburg.
                  We still like Henry's in Bennington for bacon but the hams and smoked turkey at Oscar's were really super!!!
                  We didn't like their homemade mustard but that is just a personal decision;many of you may try it and love it.
                  Their sausages(we bought some of all their varieties)were really super and their cheese spreads were liked by some in our group of 12 and disliked by othersl.
                  I'd say try the place ,buy a variety of their smoked products and see what you like.
                  Different tastes for different folks I say.
                  Their hams and smoked turkey were like by everyone in our ski group.
                  Thanks again Tony for telling us about the place.
                  We'll be stopping up there from time to time to buy the products that we like there.
                  Appreciative Catnip

            2. For Lunch, try Scallions on Lake Ave near the firehouse in Saratoga. For Dinner try the Springwater Bistro on Union near the track.