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Mar 12, 2008 05:08 AM

Cupcakes in Falls Church or Penn Quarter?

I want to pick up some scrumptious out of the ordinary cupcakes for a colleague's birthday Thursday. Is there a good bakery in Falls Church or Penn Quarter? I miss Reeve's!

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  1. There's a homemade brand of cupcakes made locally that are sold at Stacy's coffee shop in Falls Church ( ) I forget what they're called but they get great reviews. Stacy's also has terrific organic breakfast burritos. It's a unique independent coffee shop that I go out of my way to patronize.

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      I just read someplace ( that Stacy's cupcake baker decided to retire. Someone needs to check this out!

    2. Penn Quarter the best is Clydes on walk has them sometimes. Your best bet is to go into Georgetown to one of the places there or have the BakeshopDC guy deliver his outstanding cupcakes.

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        I miss Reeve's too!

        The cupcakes at Clyde's on the Walk are pretty but the ones I had were beyond awful in terms of taste and texture. Definitely more choices in Georgetown.

        If you are in PQ and can quickly jump on the green line to Columbia Heights, the cupcakes at Sticky Fingers are decent. I've never bought them from the store, but have tried them at various events. (I didn't know they were vegan until someone told me later - don't tell anyone, otherwise people will be reluctant to try them.)

      2. Report back--Stacy's is no longer making cupcakes but I bought two dozen really nice cupcakes-pretty and tasty--at Natalia's Exquisite Creations at 230 Broad Street in Fall's Church. The cake was moist and not too sweet and the buttercream was dense and delicious. Sugar bumblebees, butterflies, and flowers completed the spring theme. Everyone raved about them. Not cheap, but worth it.