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Mar 12, 2008 05:07 AM

McNie's - or at least its owners

Under another topic I came across a post that indicated the original owners of McNie's sold the Burnhamthorpe shop and are now at High Street in North York (DVP/Lawrence area).

Can anyone confirm this is the case? If so, has anyone been to their new spot? Do they serve fish and chips as good as they did at McNie's?

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  1. Here you go:

    Been to both. If the "old Scottish granny " count is meaningful, they both get the same grade..

    1. High Street's gotten high praise on this board - I think iif you search the name you'll probably come up with a number of hits.

      1. I never went to McNie's, but the fish and chips are excellent at High Street. And yes, they are the same owners, unless the shop has changed hands since it opened.

        1. There's no current connection between the two places. As you noted, the McNies sold the place on Burnamthorpe several years ago. I'd describe the place on Burnamthorpe as pretty good (as of about two years ago), but not worth an across town journey. It does have a more extensive menu than most chippys, as does High St (which I haven't tried).