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Mar 12, 2008 05:01 AM

BBQ in Charolette

Visiting Charolette next weekend and would love to indulge in some great BBQ, looking for authentic great southern BBQ. Please list your top three choices.

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  1. Sorry G........"Great southern BBQ" and Charlotte, many will say, are mutually exclusive. I tend to agree, in the sense of finding a BBQ joint that is smoky, been around forever, etc. That being said, there are a handful of places that are on most people's radar. Many N Carolinians favor the Eastern NC product, where the whole hog is cooked, not necessarily smoked, and served with a pepper and vinegar sauce. I don't particularly care for it, but lots do and they favor Spoon's on South Boulevard. I prefer something smokier with a tomato or mustard based sauce so I go either to Mac's Speed Shop or McKoy's. Both are fun, kind of rowdy places: drinkin' and bikers with good outdoor seating. Spoon's is a sit-down, iced tea and banana pudding kind of place. Mac's is on South Blvd just beyond South End and McKoy's is at the corner of Woodlawn and Old Pineville just a litle bit further out.

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      Why don't Charlotte residents like barbecue from the Hickory House on North Tryon?

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        As a former Charlotte resident for 10 years, I would go to the Hickory House once in a blue moon and not return again until I forgot how much I disliked it. The big problem I have is that they smother everything in that thick tomato sauce. The second problem I have is that I don't like the way they chop the meat.

        I like the pork pulled, with moist texture and burnt ends. And it has to have a smokey flavor. When it is prepared like that, the sauce is incidental and almost unnecessary.

        1. re: PerCapita

          I usually pick up a sandwich from HH when I'm in the area. Sauce on the side. The meat is slightly dry but with some nice outside bits mixed in. It's not really bad, just not worth a special trip. Never tried the beef...

          1. re: Hushpuppy

            I heard that Hickory House is the last remaining survivor of what was once a rather large chain in Georgia and North Carolina. Anybody know for sure?

            1. re: Potomac Bob

              No, it is, and always has been, a one unit, local place, owned by the same family for its entire multi-decade existance. And its pretty good, too. I'm surprised how many folks in Charlotte don't like it.

      2. It's a little bit of a drive from Charlotte,(like 20-25 min) but Courtney's BBQ in Clover, SC has the BEST RIBS I've had...Took my family from Alabama for ribs when they were visiting, and now whenever I go home I have to bring Courtney's ribs home. They're only open Thursday-Sunday, but very good. I really like their brisket too.

        1. "Authentic great southern BBQ" is not available in Charlotte. The closest real, high quality wood cooked barbecue is likely to be found in Salisbury or Shelby.

          1. If you can get to McKoy's - Try the pit cooked Pot Roast. It's not traditional NC- Q but it tastes so awesome and smokey that your tongue will beat your brains out.

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              I have to second that; Charlotte is NOT the place for BBQ. A few notes:
              Unless it's changed since Bill Spoon passed away, I believe Spoon's is only open for lunch, and only on weekdays.
              Courtney's in Clover SC is OK, but the sauces are way too sweet for my taste. They are exceptionally busy, but since they have expanded about three times in the past year or so the wait's usually minima. Also, note that it's more than 25 minutes away from uptown, so plan accordingly.

              1. re: duke88

                Spoon's is open on Saturdays now. It has only been a short while that they have been open on Sat. And I just called and the recording says they are open Mon-Sat,10:30-3:00. 704 525 8865 The info I found on the WWW does not indicate Sat. hours.