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Mar 12, 2008 02:19 AM

Is Chelsea Market worth a trip

I am a native now living in Hawaii visiting Ny with my list of CH restaurants and a few of my old faves. Is CM worth it for anything. Never been. I heard there is a malted milk there from my childhood. My Lexington Candy has the same thing. Am I wasting a day?

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  1. You would be wasting a day, but for an hour it's worth it.

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    1. re: serious

      I agree with serious...1 hour is MORE than enough time! Walk, look arund, and be done!

    2. not worth it whatsoever-aloha-from local now living in nyc!

      1. I was SO disappointed on my visit to Chelsea Market. I had heard so much about it and my expectations far exceeded the reality. IF you are in that area, sure, go by. There are a lot of "foodie" places of interest but don't make a special trip.

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        1. re: texann

          Right - I'd much rather hang out on Bleecker St., head over to Despana, down to DiPalo's and Chinatown.

        2. from one tourist to another...waste of time.

          1. I was less than impressed. Very disappointing. The only place there worth visiting for me was the Italian shop, and I can get much of what they had from a good salumeria in Queens.

            Don't waste your time.