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Mar 12, 2008 12:24 AM

Any Craft or Belgian beer @ Mozza or Cut?

Nothing like a world class beer to pair with an epic pizza or steak. I used to assume that high end places knew the difference between a great beer and a glass of carbonated preservatives, but I recently went to Gary Danko up in SF. Their beer selection was somewhere below Jumbo's Clown Room - and that's not a joke, nor an exaggeration. Total ignorance.

Does anyone know if Cut or Pizzeria Mozza have something beyond a Heineken or other mass manufactured fast food beer? Surely these folks have been to Father's Office at least once!


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  1. osteria mozza(i know u said pizzeria, maybe they have it there too) has St Bernardus Prior 8. Its one of my favs now

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      that is some damn good stuff frank.

    2. I think Bastianich is interested in good beer. Hopefully, thier distributor has a person who knows what that is. The time I went, I remember seeing a few things that looked good, but not enough!

      The problem with looking for a good beer list is that quite often, restaurantuers have no idea what a good beer is, or what great beer is out there. They are used to wine, the "in crowd" in the entertainment industry wants wine or mixed drinks, and so sommaliers just have no knowledge base. Beer and wine are two very different fish. Frankly, I feel beer pair WAY better with a wider variety of foods than wine.

      Beer geeks in LA are working thier hardest to solve thiis. Don't always go by FO's Sang Yoon-I have heard him on "Good Food" discussing beers, and most of the time he's reciting labels. We have often heard him make egregious mistakes. But, he is VERY interested in getting good beer in, whether he is as knowledgeable as he claims or not. FO is one of the main forces in getting good beer into LA.

      But just part of it. The "Beer Chick" is an ex employee of his, and she is also working hard (although she keeps refusing my invites to our beer club meetings and a "match off" with our Grand Hydrometer.

      The Beer Guppy's Guide to LA is a great resource for finding good beer all over town. The Author is a member of our club and a great beer guy. Go and get you one!

      Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks has one of the best beer menus in town. The food is good, the beer is amazing, and the owner knows his stuff cold. Probably better than the FO people.

      The Delirium Cafe and Lucky Baldwin's both have good beer lists, but are more pubs, the food is good, but not high end.

      Providence's sommalier has let us bring great beer to drink with our meals, and we always give him a taste. I know the interest is there, but don't know how the beer menu is, since I have not been in a while.

      I think Hatefield's and Wilshire are also working on a good beer menu.

      Pure Luck, right across from Scoops, has a small selection of very good beer.

      Angeli Caffe has some good beers, as Evan is a fan of a few great ones.

      We once took a bottle of Rodenbach to Spago, and the bottle was taken by the sommalier to meet the chef, manager, probably Puck and a few more people. We did finally get it back to drink. I don't know how their beer menu is now.

      The Maltose Falcons *ahem* (Wave) is the US's oldest continual homebrew club, and is based in Woodland Hills. We have spawned quite a few professional brewers making great american beer. We are also working hard to get great food matched with great beer all over LA. We're trying to work with SLOW food LA, but things have been, well, slow. Monthly club meetings and brew sessions are open to visitors, and are free! (also, we serve some dang good food! We have a yearly Chili Cook off, we once spit roasted a pig, many of our members are foodies and our "burgermistress" is a Cordon Bleu trained chef! There is a small cost for food at meetings, just to cover the ingredients.) We did win Anchor Brewery's "California Homebrewclub of the year AGAIN this year! Does that make it six? I lose count.

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        Great post! You have a lot of good info in there :-)

        What do you think of the beer selection at Hungry Cat? It's listed on their menu and while short, appears to include a number of craft brews:

        Another place that my beer-drinking friends have been impressed with the beer selection is Blair's in Silverlake. Blair's website also lists their beer selections:

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          Thanks for the info! I have to give props to 3rd Stop and The Villiage Idiot for bringing some good beer to the table too.

          It's funny that, generally, the more renowned a chef is, the less they tend to know about beer. They are way behind the curve, while a dive bar like Naja's is on the cutting edge of the beer scene. And if these people think I'm gonna eat my pizza with a glass of grape juice, fermented or not, they are crazy.