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Mar 11, 2008 11:49 PM

I need Banquet Recommendations for rehearsal dinner

I'm from So Cal. I've been a chowhounder down here for years. I'm finding myself getting married in Palo Alto this August and, as the groom, it's my responsibility to host the rehearsal dinner. My problem... I'm not from that area and have no clue where to go.

I'd like to find a place near Palo Alto. Or, maybe Santa Clara. One of the neighboring cities? I really don't know the area at all.

I have about 60-70 out of town relatives coming in and the place has to sit that many. I'm looking to spend between 25 and 50 a head.

The places I've located (through online searches) so far include Chef Chu's, 3 Flames Restaurant, Frankie, Johnnie, and Luigi Too, and Buca di Beppo that can host that many people. I've only been to Buca's before. It's okay.

Any thoughts on the above selections? Any other recommendations?

Thank you,
So Cal Chowhounder

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  1. Three Flames ... in San Jose? That is a bit of a trek from Palo Alto. How far are you willing to drive? What day of the week. Traffic can be brutal at rush hour in that area.

    While Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi Too isn't what it was before they opened more locations, IMO, it is heads above Buca di Bepo ... although that is not saying a lot. What location are you considering for Frankies?

    Chef Chu's was the hot spot about 20 years ago for their Chinese chicken salad. It is Americanized Chinese food. It is ok. Haven't been there in years though.

    Santa Clara isn't all that close to Palo Alto either. I've got to think Chowhounds would have some better selections near to Palo Alto.

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      Frankie/Johnnie/Luigi - The Mountain View location, I think. Any thoughts on that location? My future in-laws live right near Stanford Uni and the reception is at the Santa Clara Marriot. It's going to take place on a Saturday night, so hopefully traffic won't be so bad. I agree that Buca's is very mediocre and when I went to the location, it seemed really loud.

      3 Flames - Yeah, I think that's in San Jose. Too far, huh? Well, scratch that off of the list.

      Chef Chu's - Yeah, we have a few of those places in So Cal, well known for their chinese chicken salad... about 20 years ago. ha. I plan on having a dinner out there during my next trip up north.

      I think 20-30 minutes driving isn't too bad, especially if it's mainly on the freeways. I live in LA, so everything is 45 minutes away. haha.

    2. There are some Palo Alto places on opentable's banquet list that can handle that many.

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        Thank you Robert. I use open table down in So Cal. I never thought about using it for up north.

      2. Of the places you listed Chef Chu's is by far the best, and you could easily do it in your price range (maybe even including drinks). I know it doesn't get too much love on this board, but I think it's the best americanized chinese in the area, quality ingredients, and a pleasant setting.

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          Thank you for the input. Any other ideas?

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            I agree with the above. Chef Chu's is not half bad, and sometimes very good. The service will be decent and the room will look reasonably swank. While I would choose Great Eastern in San Francisco, Koi Palace in Daly City, or one of the Millbrae options if I were looking for a really strong Chinese banquet, Chef Chu's meets your needs. It is convenient, it is not a chain, the food is good quality, and the photos of various heads of state and sports stars are a kick. Best of all, you'll remain in your price range with ease.

          2. Dynasty Restaurant in Cupertino can handle that size group, but I don't know if they fall within your price range.

            1. The only other places that come to my mind are Nicolino's Garden Cafe in Sunnyvale (not far from the Marriott in case you have guests staying there) & Trellis in Menlo Park. I am not sure about the prices at Trellis but I know someone who had a 50th birthday party there and enjoyed it very much.


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                Thank you Peter and Ceekskat. I'll check out all those placed.