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Mar 11, 2008 10:42 PM


Does anyone know where I can still buy girl scout cookies? I haven't seen them outside of any supermarkets, etc., and I am in desperate need of Thin Mints and Do-si-Dos...

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  1. My wife said the exact same thing Sunday outside the supermarket. Anyone have a Culver City lead?

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    1. re: gadflier

      Sunday afternoon the girl scouts were infront of TJs in Culver City.

    2. Girl Scouts were out in full force in front of Petco in Glendale this last weekend.

      1. Saw them outside the Bristol Farms on Beverly Blvd. a few days ago. Also in Pasadena, on Colorado near the Apple Store, on Sunday.

        1. In addition to TJ's in Culver City, I saw them outside TJs in Studio City

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          1. re: LMelba

            Definitely at the Saturday Farmers' Market at Pasadena High School.

            1. re: Fru

              Thanks --- sounds like I'll be able to stock up! :)

              1. re: summie77

                Try their new flavor..Lemon Chalet Cream. So good.

              2. re: Fru

                Yep, definitely there. Also, they will be in front of Vroman's on Colorado this weekend. I can get some from a guy at work whose wife works for the SGV chapter if you can't find any.

            2. I just bought some Thin Mints last Saturday! The cutest girl scouts were selling cookies inside Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia inside the food court entrance.