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Mar 11, 2008 10:26 PM

Bed and Breakfast with Awesome Food 3 hours from SF

I really swore that I posted this last night but it's not in MyChow so here goes again.

I'm looking for a B&B with really awesome food within 3 hours drive from San Francisco. And preferably under $250/night. I checked the boards but no dice. Perhaps I'm asking for the moon -- chowhounders, am I?


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  1. Your post might have disappeared because lodging is beyond the scope of the board but it will should help that you are clearly looking for a place with good food!

    Sounds like Mankas might fit the bill - the lodge burned down, but apparently (according to a review on Yelp) they are serving meals in a rented house nearby. I think they may be over $250. per night though. You could also try the Boonville Hotel or Philo Apple Farm, up in the Anderson Valley. I am sure there are other places along the Mendocino Coast that I'm not aware of. The Inn at Occidental is also very fancy - it's in kind of a cute little one horse town with a Japanese spa (Osmosis) and a good bakery nearby. This link will give you some more possible options in the area -

    Here's one that looks promising - and affordable!

    If you're interested in going South, Big Sur is about 3 hours away - you could try Deetjen's Big Sur Inn, which has a nice little restaurant, or stay at one of the other hotels and eat at the Big Sur Bakery, Post Ranch Inn, etc. We also really enjoyed doing a retreat night at Esalen - it's kind of complicated to do - you have to call the Sunday of the week you want to stay and pay $150 per night per person plus a $50. membership fee, but you get to use their cliffside baths, and food is included. It's not super gourmet, but it's pretty good. Overall it was a really interesting and fun experience.

      1. Paso Robles sounds like just the place you're looking for! Some of the B&B's are pretty spendy though, like $600-$1000 a night. High Ridge Manor and Hidden Hills are affordable. I've been to HRM and know people who have stayed at HH (it's in Templeton) and both are very nice. There are new ones springing up all the time. Also, many wineries have lodging (don't necessarily serve breakfast) and they can be affordable AND lovely. Tobin James (bed and donut), Dunning Vineyards, Summerwood to name a few.