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Mar 11, 2008 10:22 PM

Fraiche Frecommendation

Going tomorrow. Anyone have any frecommendations?

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  1. Porkchop, lamb spezzatino, and monkfish. All fab. I've liked the farro salad and short rib ravioli too.

    Winelist is pretty great, and blood orange martini really great.

    The duck looked like a more barren landscape when I saw it on another table, though it sounded pretty good. Report back, please! My wife went tonight and loved all. Service was good for her, too.

    1. The braised rabbit pasta & the oxtail pasta were amazing. Really enjoyed the pork chop as well. Beef tartar as an app was very good. Skip the soup, we tried the duck soup and were very underwhelmed.

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        1. We have been to Fraiche several times: the food has always been excellent, the service generally pretty good, and have never caught any 'tude from the notorious FOH guy, Thierry. He's always been very solicitous of us; granted, we make reservations and show up on time and the table is always ready. Once we walked in for a space at the bar (it was packed), he helped us secure a table and made sure the bar staff was attentive to us.

          Food favorites: the monkfish is amazing, the hazelnut and burrata salad fantastic, loved the roast chicken, and the only slight disappointments were the pastas one night (undercooked). I enjoyed my almond gazpacho one night, though the soups are not as fully infused with flavor as they could be.

          Last time we went we ordered off both the bar and regular menus: started with 5 huge prawns with a very tangy cocktail sauce, the beet salad, the chef's plate of salumi and charcuterie and chocolate bread pudding for dessert. Everything was first rate and the martinis (we had the blood orange) were outstanding, and considering what martinis go for these days ($14 and up), $11 was a veritable steal.

          I think the quality of food in this place approaches that of Jiraffe and Joe's and easily exceeds Ford's or Wilson, its neighborly competitors.

          1. I love the monkfish, and snapper. To start the blue crab salad and oysters. The charcruterie plate is average. Finish this off with the fritters