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Mar 11, 2008 09:27 PM

Does anybody know of any good Yugoslavian restaurants in Toronto?

It's been about 20 years since I last visited Yuogslavia with my dad, Ron.....We used to travel to Split and then take a boat to Stari Grad, a sleepy little village, where we would stay at the Hotel Helios..There we would feast on Rasnicci and Chivuppicci, the two dishes I would give my house up for if I could find them.

If anybody knows of a good Yugoslavian restaurant in Toronto please let me know,



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  1. Since Yugoslavia doesn't exist any more, you should be on the look out for restaurants that bill themselves as Balkan or offering items from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, or Macedonia.

    There's a Balkan-style place in Etobicoke called Zam -

    There's also Rixo on O'Connor Drive, which is mostly a take-out place

    A lot of people from the former Yugoslavia have settled around the Junction area in the Dundas/Keele area -
    There's the Bosnian Bakery and Grill near Dundas & Runnymede 3333 Dundas Street West

    I haven't been to any of the spots above so can't vouch for how good they are.

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      I've always been curious about Zam. I've driven by it for years, and have always been curious about it's tucked away/hiddden location.

      I wonder how tolerant they are to non-balkan clientele?

      1. would mcadams place work for you?

        i've been there a couple times and absolutely fell in love with prebanac that i've tried to recreate it with little success. some serbian and yugoslav friends enjoy it immensely.

        there's actually a grocer/baker/deli called stari grad that sells ingredients and things that you might like.

        there's also a place called bosha something that might be the bosnian bakery and grill jamiek is referring to at dundas & runnymede. makes my favourite cevapi sandwiches by far.

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          That's awesome! A grocery store named after StariGrad!!!!!!

        2. McAdam Place has both rasnici (raznjici) and cevapcici (cevapi) on their Serbian language menu:, although the dishes are not mentioned on their considerably shorter English language menu.

          Skadarlija is a Serbian restaurant in Parkdale that also might have what you're looking for. They have cevapi on the menu, but no rasnici. They also have schnitzels (snicla) and cabbage rolls(sarma).
          Menu (in Serbian):

          Also, Mak Deli in Scarbourough serves cevapi at lunch
          lunch specials:
          general website:

          If you're willing to travel to Mississauga, there's the Croatia Restaurant at 1989 Dundas West that serves raznici:

          Here are some earlier threads on related topics.

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            Nex time I am in Mississauga I will check it out! Thanks,


          2. Unfortunately you won't find anything as good here. Most Serbs go to Zam and McAdam although I don't really like the atmosphere at either place. For a casual place, Royal Meat BBQ is a Serbian restaurant that opened recently which serves chevaps and raznici.


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              Cool, Royal meats, have to see about that!!!

            2. My inlaws travel from Kitchener at least once a month to go to McAdam Place. They immigrated from former Yogoslavia about 34 years ago. My father inlaw is a cevapi fanatic and he loves theirs.

              When living in Etobicoke we took them to Zam. It was okay, but they still prefer McAdam Place.

              There's a good place in Kitchener if interested.

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                Tell your Father In law that he has good taste! Thanks for the info,