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Mar 11, 2008 09:08 PM

medium priced sydney restaurants

We are a group of 10 brazilians visiting Australia and we will be staying 5 days in Sydney. I have been reading the posts and finding that all the mentioned restaurants are great. But most of them are expensive and we will choose one of them for a nice dinner. But I would like some recomendations for restaurants with good food that would not be very expensive . We like all kind of food, and of course would like to eat seafood. We will be staying at Darling Harbour and if possilble some recomendation near our hotel.
We bought tickets for a concert at the Opera House and I was thinking in going to the restaurant at the Opera for our big dinner out.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. Try the Opera Bar, on the concourse leading to the Opera House for a cheaper meal (than Guillaume at Bennelong, which is the Opera House's fine dining restaurant). Near Darling Harbour is Chinatown where you will get some great Chinese and other asian food. Little Spain, two blocks south of Town Hall has a few good places. There are a quite a few Beer halls (including Heritage Belgian Beer Cafe, 135 Harrington St; James Squire Brewhouse, King Street Wharf, the city side of Darling Harbour) that have great beer and mussels; Sailors Thai Canteen in the Rocks, next to the Museum of Contemporary Art is great, but you will have to get there early if there's 10 of you; or try some of the old pubs in The Rocks for decent food - like the Lord Nelson. Further afield, you could try fish and chips by the beach at Bondi or Manly (get 'take away' ie takeout, and eat on the beach); Leichhardt for Italian (Cafe Moretti is the best, but book a table); there are restaurant strips along King Street Newtown; Oxford Street Darlinghurst; Crown Street Surry Hills which offer cheap and varied options

    1. coming from Brazil I think you might find our food on the expensive side anyhow. Never fear, it should be excellent quality regardless. Here are some ideas for the "cheap" end of the spectrum that are frequently overlooked. A couple of meals at these should bring your food budget back into balance...

      1. During the day catch the light rail (or walk) down to sydney fish markets. Try to avoid the food hall and instead head to claudios and grab yourselves some cooked prawns (cold), oysters, sashimi grade tuna and salmon (they will slice it for you) and if you like, some cooked (cold) spanner crabs/lobster/yabbie. Take with you (or buy at blackwattle deli inside the main building) some deli style mayo (the jarred stuff in aust. is horrid & sweet), or tartare, and a loaf of bread, some drinks - there is even a bottle shop in the main building, etc. and then plant yourself on a table on the waterside of the main building for a leisurely afternoon (in the sun).

      2. Chinatown - you are near chinatown which means ample of affordable eateries, albeit some will lack atmosphere/service, but deliver twofold on the food and value for money.
      Cho Dumpling King Shop 6, 8 Quay St Haymarket (Taiwanese)
      Blue Eye Dragon Shop 2, 42 Harris Street , Pyrmont (Taiwanese, more upmarket for dinner)
      Ramen Kan Level 1/90 Hay St, Haymarket (Japanese)
      Kopitiam 594 Harris St, Ultimo (Malaysian)
      and back toward surry hills... Spice I am 90 Wentworth Ave, Sydney (Thai)

      3. Yum Cha try either
      Palace Piccadilly Tower Level 1, 133-145 Castlereagh St (although apparently recent accolades have gone to their head)
      Marigold Citymark Building, Level 4 & 5, 683-689 George St

      4. A pie from the pie cart at Harry's Cafe de Wheels, Finger Wharf, Woolloomoolloo

      I could go on, but I think by now you are getting the drift. Stick to fresh foods, try and get a few blocks away from tourist traps, and remember SE ASian countries are our nearest neighbours - thus this is affordable and common...