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Mar 11, 2008 09:06 PM

Party venue for 200(+) in Manhattan

I've got lots of lead time for a combo family reunion and 65th b'day celebration. I'm looking for a venue - must be in Manhattan - that will provide a nice congenial space for meeting and greeting (cocktail hour?) and checking out the family trees, as well as dinner. No dancing. No live music or DJ -, but we probably need a piano. Wine and soda/juices. Maybe good single malt for a few. Good food is very important. We're a foodie family unto the generations. Likewise the friends.

I'm hoping to do this for under $25,000 complete, so I don't think I have a budget problem as much as a space/venue problem. Most of the group will be over 50 - there's really no interest in hip or trendy- it's about seeing people we haven't seen in decades or maybe ever. The youngest will be at least 6, although people in their 40s are considered the 'kids' by some of us.

I've checked this board and found Astra and Manhattan Penthouse. Just wondering if any of you have found someplace else I should check into while I'm at it.

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    Click on Venues - they list quite a few in the city. Good luck

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      Thank you cidonie, that's the perfect resource. I'll study it at leisure and then ask here whether anyone has had experience with particular places.

    2. I looked at Manhattan Penthouse for my wedding 6 years ago. I could be wrong, but I don't think it could hold 200 people. (Unless that was just for a sit down dinner.) Unfortunately $25,000 for 200 people comes out to $125 pp, which doesn't get you that far in Manhattan.