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Mar 11, 2008 08:50 PM

late night food after pickup from logan

hi folks,

i am picking my friends up around 11 from logan on friday night and then drive back home to nashua. considering the time can someone recommend a couple of places that might be close to the route i have to take (93-95-rt 3)

if i can get to park that would be waay cool. looking for decent food (first impressions here) all cuisines welcome.

thanks a bunch.

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  1. are you looking for something simply utilitarian, i.e. a need to eat and head home to sleep kinda place, or are you looking to go out and have a good time and a bite to eat? i'd guess that's too late for most of the east boston spots that come to mind when one says "airport", but chinatown is open late. anyhow, if you can narrow down your guidelines, i think you will get better suggestions.

    1. I'm with andytee. There's nothing open if you jump directly on 93 to go to 95/3. Chinatown is definitely your best bet and it is waay cool.

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      1. re: Trixie Too

        utilitarian food in a decent neighborhood where we could sit and eat and head home to sleep.

        i am coming in for a whole day to spend in boston on saturday.

      2. Santarpios serves late I believe, although I am not sure how late.

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          Santarpio's is open 'till about midnight each night, so depending on baggage claim and the level of business that night, you may have a shot. I'd definitely have a backup plan (Ralphie_in_Boston's suggestion for South Street Diner is a good one) just in case.

        2. Lucca in the North End, off of 93 North serves until 1 am

          1. The South Street Diner is open 24 hours (Leather district, on the edge of chinatown).

            If you'd rather not venture into the city, perhaps a place along Rte 1 (heading northward out of Boston) would fit the bill. For example the Kowloon is open until 2:00 AM (although it gets reamed regularly on CH).