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Mar 11, 2008 08:33 PM

Dinner near Seattle Art Museum for 17 people at around $15 per person?

I'm brining my class of 17 college students to the Seattle Art Museum for an exhibit. Where should we eat for dinner afterwards for about $15 per person--preferably a sit-down place where we could have a long table as a group. The place need not be within walking distance of SAM since we'll have two vans, but somewhere easy to navigate from SAM.

Also, what might you recommend we do as a group (for free) after visiting the exhibit? (We're from Portland.)

Thank you for your help!

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  1. How about going to Seven Stars Pepper in the ID?

    Or you could wander around the market after and then head up to Tia Lou's for dinner. I think they could handle a group that size.

    1. You might consider Taste inside SAM. Nice food, as close as you can get, could almost certainly accomodate your group. If you talk to them in advance, they could probably make a handful of good dishes availble at your price point.

      1. Will you be going to SAM downtown or the Asian Art SAM on Capitol Hill?

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          the main Seattle Art Museum downtown.

        2. You are not far (a longish walk) from the International District, where there are many reasonable places. Mapqust 12th & Jackson from the museum to see how long. Tamarind Tree has a long table, I know, as I took about 17 there last year. With luck, other hounds can pitch in with other suggestions...

          1. Since I'm guessing you're going for the Rome exhibit, why not go for Italian? Since you have vans you could easily head to Tutta Bella Pizzeria. The newest branch is near south lake union by the pan pacific hotel (prob. 5-10 minute drive from the museum). If you call they should set aside enough room. Pizzas are $9-13 and more than enough for 1 (or 2 light eaters). The new location has GREAT views of Queen Anne and looks pricier than it actually is. The other location in Wallingford has more room, but you would have to get on the freeway. Still only 15 mins or so though and they have a little private area. Yummy gelato from Bottega Italiana too! They have a website if you want to call (just google tutta bella seattle). Have fun!

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              I'd second this one for a big group of college kids. make reservations and they can easily accomodate that size, we take large groups there all the time since there is something on the menu for everyone, even picky eaters.