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Javier's - will i die if i eat there?

The last time i ate at Javier's was about 7 years ago and i seriously thought i was going to die when i took a bite of my ceviche appetizer, which was totally disgusting and i almost (and probably should have) spit it out in my napkin. I have some friends who have never been and for some unknown reason want to go there this weekend. I am having a hard time convincing them that Cafe San Miguel would be much better choice if they wanted mex! I know there are a few on this board that like the place and many who don't (i am one of them). My question is..if i had to go there this weekend, what should i order? Anyone been lately? I have not so fond memories of the place.

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  1. while Javier's is not my favorite destination, I occasionally find myself there. I've never had a bad meal. I've enjoyed most of their steaks (there's a habanero sauce that you can get on the side, if you ask for it, that's awesome), the cabritos fajitas, the quail, and the tortilla and black bean soups. All were at least pretty good - occasionally delicious. I never tried the ceviche, though.

    Having said that, I'd still push your friends to go to CSM instead. good luck!

    1. Great gathering place for Parkies.

      1. Might just be the most overated Resto in town. Service is terrible, terrible. And yes, its a Parkie place and that's another reason I don't like it.

        1. I like their red snapper special and the cabrito wasn't too bad.

          1. Javier's is a destination restaurant for a certain crowd. I don't think the food is the best in town, but by no means have I had horrible food there.

            1. steak and quail are both good suggestions for this restaurant , which has never disappointed me , and I damn sure don't belong to the Parkie crowd....

              1. So to recap Javier's this weekend....A group of my friends did end up going on Friday night and the overall thoughts were that it was not worth the money. Some people said their food was ok and the other half couldn't quit talking the next day about how bad the food was! The meat was edible but the vegetables were FROZEN! Frozen carrots and spinach that tasted like mud. Not so appetizing. And to make the food seem even worse, the $30ish entrees are served on a small cafeteria plate. Classy. ha!

                The service was good but then again for some reason they saw money in us in the form of margaritas. The wait staff couldn't stop trying to get us to order more drinks! We'd have a half a glass and they were offering more! Is this the only way some people end up liking the food? hmm. Makes one wonder. But the drinks were good however, that is not the reason why to go to a restaurant. If we just wanted drinks, we'd go to a bar to drink.
                To recap Javier's...Drinks = good, Food = FROZEN!

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                  Just FYI; always remember that ceviche is actually a "cured" as opposed to a cooked fish. As with Sushi, oysters and whatever else we injest without the benefit of being heated to 160 degrees, there is a risk of bacterial contamination. That said, even as a medical professional, I do it all the time...some things in life are just worth the risk!

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                    Oh yes, correct. However there is a difference between FOUL fish vs. FRESH fish. Javier's Ceviche was offensive and foul, not fresh.

                2. Are you talking about Javier's in Dallas? If so, I must say I think it is fabulous! Aside from having great food and drinks the staff always remembers my husband and I and greets us by name after only eating there a few times. There is something to be said for that around these parts. Try the Shrimp Brochete or the Chilean sea bass if it is sea food you are looking for, or the Mole Pablano if you like chicken. Also the key lime pie is to die for! I have been trying to get mine to turn out as thick and creamy as theirs but to no avail.

                  1. I guess i need to update this. The out-of-towner's did dine here last month and were sorely disappointed in this meal. They were very turned off by the 'cafeteria' style plastic plates the entrees were served on. Drinks and service were good but not worth the price for the mediocre food experience. It seems to be the consensus on these boards that if you have dined here for years and live in the area, you love it. Taking out-of-towners or local 'non-regulars' who are looking for a fantastic foodie experience, i'd say pass.

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                      Yes, it may be a dallas thing. You might try La Duni next time. Best Mojitos in town!

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                        Cuba Libre also makes great Mojitos - I think I had three at lunch last friday, but it may have been four. (?!) All I know is that I left my lunch on the patio with a pretty good sunburn.

                    2. I agree for the most part with what the reviews say. If you aren't a regular, then the service can be bad. There are a few decent things on the menu but this is more of an expense account type place. Shrimp can be good, as can the Filete Cantinflas (steak stuffed with cheese). Drinks and bar are the real scene. I've lived in the area and the menu hasn't changed much in probably 10 years. My sister lives out of town and likes the place so I go there maybe 5 times a year. Can be decent celeb sightings, I've personally seen Troy Aikman, Luke/Owen Wilson, and Ryan Leaf. Last one may not qualify but he was a Cowboys quarterback at one time, I'm ashamed to admit.

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                        I was very surprised to read this thread. I have eaten at Javiers about once every other month for the past few years and have had maybe one bad meal -- overall, it is a reliable place to get great food. So, I went back last week just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. As before, my food was great. The Filete Continflas is fantastic as was the service. I think it is a great place to eat and now that Ciudad is closed, I find myself going there more often.

                      2. Well, to literally answer you question, you're going to die whether you eat there or not! The timing of when you die could be (but will not likely be) affected, but . . . .

                        1. Funny that in a food-related thread, two restaurants exclusively get merited shout outs for how they mix alcohol. If there is nothing to be said about the food, do they really deserve praise?

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                            Well, like I said earlier in the thread. I have never had a bad experience at Javier's. In fact it is one of my favorite places to dine for upscale Mexican food.

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                              Yes you said. And then everyone else said it wasn't that good. I'm with J.R. - completely overrated.