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Mar 11, 2008 07:46 PM

Saskatoon...looking for "must go to" restaurant recommendations

Will be in Saskatoon for a conference this Friday and Sat. Would like some recommendations for "must go to " restaurants. Don't have to be high end restaurants. Thanks for any help....

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  1. You may want to check out the post entitled "saskatoon?". It provides a bit of a run-down on some of the "better" local restaurants.

    As for "must go to" ... well, depending where you are coming from and what you are use to ... we have good, but not fantastic!!

    1. A 'must go' is the Bess! The Delta Bessborough Hotel. The food is good but the location is superior - right on the river, colonial elegance, good history there.

      1. I would say the best bets are:
        Calories on Broadway Ave.-- great desserts and light meals
        Taj Mahal also on Broadway is pretty good Indian.
        The Cave on 8th Street. Unique decor, great house soup and the greek style ribs are good, It is a family kind of place.

        In general, Saskatoon is a great place to get great Greek food as many of the pizza places are Greek-owned. I have rarely have better frajilake (sp?) than in Saskatoon.

        Last time I was there I stayed at the Radisson and the dining room called Aroma was very good. There were many local specialities, including buffalo and I think lamb. It was a very nice surprise. I spend two nights there with colleagues sharing various appetizers and most were well above average. Wine was quite reasonable too.

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          The Bess doesn't have dining room serving dinner only the Samuri. Aroma hasn't been the same and has gone downhill in the last year+. I suggest Truffles, The Saskatoon Asian, The Willows, or Las palopas.

          1. re: Bull

            what and where is Las Palopas?

            1. re: robgm

              Las Palapas is located on Victoria, where the old Homestead Ice Cream use to be. Ate their a while back, wasn't impressed but have heard other people enjoy it! Prefer EE Burritos for more authentic El Salvadoran taste. (the dine in place, not the take out place on 8th St).

                1. re: robgm

                  They moved a couple of doors down, still on Vic. The old antique store that was on the corner was torn down and Homestead moved in to the new building. If my memory is correct, the antique place is upstairs.

          2. re: pengcast

            Pengcast, which are your favourite places to get great Greek food in Saskatoon? Where have you found the best frajolaki?

          3. Thank-you all for your input!