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Mar 11, 2008 07:39 PM

Rome for Honeymoon

Hello Chowhounders,

I'm going to Rome next week for my honeymoon and I wanted to get your opinion on THE BEST restaurants (both upscale and hole-in-the-walls in the area. I'm staying at the portrait hotel near the Spanish Steps so any recommendations will be much obliged.

Thanks for your time,

PS I know much of Roman cuisine is prone to offal; my wife and I find it perfectly tasty though not preferential to it.

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  1. Look at recent postings for recommendations. It's exhausting to always be repeating them. As for offal, it is a pillar of Roman cooking, but is actually not all that common. The dishes most likely to be encountered are stewed oxtail, rigatoni con la paiata (milk-fed lamb instestines in tomato sauce with pecorino cheese), and trippa alla romana (tripe with tomato sauce, mint, and pecorino).

    1. I am going to Rome next week as well, and have been brousing this list for a month to find nice restaurants in various parts of the city to take my parents. I have different priorities than I would have if this were my husband and I on a romantic trip. Nonetheless, since you are (no doubt) swamped with wedding plans, I would suggest the following: search the postings of a few different people whose sensibilities appeal to you (click on their names as they appear in the thread). This helped me to rely on a small handful of opinions about places -- choose those who appear to post generously and expressively about their experiences in Rome cuisine the last four months. This will lead you to a large number of GREAT threads that will give you a list to work from. Many of these restaurants have websites, and I have either emailed or called the nice choices I made for reservations (reservations are not always necessary or even accepted at some reportedly good places). At the risk of offending the great many posters who offered GREAT advice, I searched the threads of the following people: mbfant, cgt, sid cundiff, Antonio, RomeAddict, Chocolatestilletto and Jen Kalb. Based on these people (and many others) I feel confident that I have a list of restaurants that I am DYING TO TRY either on this trip or the next!!! And . . . based on a month's research, if you are good walkers or don't mind the taxi, try to go to each of the parts of the city -- great restaurants appear all over, based on my reading, and the variety in the sights and sounds will be part of the adventure. Congrats and have a great trip. Report in -- I will when we return in April.

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        You mention cgt as a poster on Rome. Did you mean CJT instead? I find no CGT in my search. If you meant CJT, I am flattered by your mention of my write-ups.

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          Indeed, excuse me. I meant CJT -- you were very helpful....I am definitely going to Florence (on another trip in the future) to hit all the spots you have mentioned. I have the best restaurant suggestions on my list . . . I would have to stay a month to enjoy them all .....but I am anxious to get there and enjoy. Thanks for all your effort ....your online friends appreciate the effort it has taken for you (and the others I mention) to share the wealth of your experiences. Ciao!!