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Mar 11, 2008 07:21 PM

best affordable, sushi to go?

somewhere in either upper east side or lower east side manhattan or williamsburg, brooklyn. can be grocery store, anything. rolls are best. seaweed salad is a nice bonus.

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  1. Cube 63 on LES is good.

      1. Terriyaki Boy! It's not the world's greatest, but cheap and totally satisfying and you can get some Tokyo Fried Chicken to hold you over. Standard spicy rolls are all good.

        1. There is a Japanese-run deli on B'way between Houston and Prince, on the east side of the street (not the fancy deli Miro) that specializes in udon dishes and also has great cheap sushi to go (or you can order it fresh-made if the chef is there). The rolls are great, both the basics as well as the slightly more 'fancy' dragon rolls etc. I have no idea how this random little deli gets such good fish and then sells it for so little in that area. I've turned a lot of people on to it (who are, at first, quite suspicious).

          1. I know this will sound crazy but I love the sushi to go at the big aisan grocery store on mott between grand and hester streets. They don't have anything special, just the usual tuna maki, salmon maki, futomaki, eel and hamachi sushi and chirashi. But it is really fresh and cheeeaaappppp! Everything is $3.95 cents and the portions are huge. I believe the entrance for the sushi is on Mott Street. There is also an entrance on Elizabeth Street. Also pick up the rib tips in the cooked meats section for $2.99 a pound. They also have beautiful fillet of sole for $3.69 a pound in the fish section. And while you are at it stop at the 21 Century Bakery across the street and get a really good cup of coffee and a Bah Min (spelling?) for $3.00. And if you are really hungry go around the corner to the OK Restaurant on Grand Street between Elizabeth and Mottt for the Ginger Scallion Crabs for $10. Tell Tim (your waiter) that Michele and her mother sent you. OMG! I am getting carried away..........sorry for getting off the topic.