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Mar 11, 2008 07:01 PM

I'm thinking it's a Ukrainian dish. Help!

My Ex girlfriend's parents used to make a casserole type dish which I seem to recall contained these ingredients broccoli, cauliflower, cream of mushroom soup cheese and croutons and perhaps some other things. Does this sound familar with any dish your aware of? Thanks

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  1. That sounds more like a Mid-Western casserole than a Ukrainian dish to me. Those aren't ingredients that I associate with Ukrainian food, typically.

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      Of course. A dish prepared 'by a Ukrainian' does not have to be a ''Ukrainian dish.
      I do recall now that she was from the midwest....Midwestern Ontario!!

    2. My mother's family is Ukrainian/Russian is this does not sound very typical of their food. I remember a similar dish at church suppers of my youth. I don't think I even tried any though.

      But I will hunt through my collection of Ukrainian church recipes books and see if I can find anything like. I love those books because often there are competing recipes for the same dish. Also many of the ones I have referrd to the women by their husbands' names -- Mrs. Walter Fedoruk or Mrs. Joseph Olensky.

      1. Must say, this sounds like something out of the 1950's Kraft company recipe book. On the lines of Green Bean casserole and tuna casserole. But perhaps vaguely reminiscent of a beef stroganoff -style dish with the sour cream based sauce? Personally, I love these kind of dishes because they are exactly what I did not grow up with, and they seemed very exotic to a little Korean-Canadian daughter of recent immigrants.

        1. It sounds like a variation on broccoli casserole. The filling is usually chopped broccoli, cream of mushroom, cheese and some filler like rice or noodles. On top are seasoned bread crumbs. A friend of mine usually also adds a packet of ranch dressing flavor to the vegetables.

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            I agree - that was to be my response as well. JungMan. Are you looking to replicate the dish, FS??

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              Why No Gio? Memories are easily associated with food and I fondly remember my ex and the aroma of that concoction baking in the ov!

              1. re: fruglescot

                Well you're you're correct about food associations. When I remember my father, for instance, I see him with a hunk of freshly baked bread, standing over the Italian meat sauce simmering away on the stove getting ready to dunk the bread into the sauce.....He loved to do that. An ex BF & I used to share an order of the best whole belly fried clams on the NOB after a movie date before going home....Yes - all easily associated and with fond memories... of food and the people it was shared with.

          2. Doesn't sound Russian, but you never know. A couple of my Russian friends both made dishes with instant ramen noodles, ramen seasoning pack, sausage (they used Russian sausage), and an egg, saying it was a Russian adaptation to products they can find here.