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Mar 11, 2008 05:58 PM


Hi...I love New Orleans, so we plan on celebrating my 50th there. What's important to us is excellent unpretentious food and service, and a fun cool New Orleans ambiance.

I'm thinking of Bayona or Stella for example...but I seem to love every place I eat in this town.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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  1. Leaving tomorrow for a Stella!, Broussard's and Bayona experience. Unfortuantely, I have not dined at two, and the other was 25 years ago.

    For me, I'd choose Restaurant August, Brigtsen's or Galatorie's, in that order. Now, my tune may change in four days, but I am answering your question tonight from PHX. If I find that I'd change my mind, based on the next few days, I'll post back. Full reports will be up by next Wednesday - I promise. Also, Broussard's is an "event," so the report will reflect that aspect. It is not the same as when dining as a couple.

    Happy Birthday,

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      1. of those two I would chose Bayona - the courtyard is supremely New Orleansy and the food is very good-

        I'm doing a tour of my favorite courtyards for my birthday next month and Bayona is on my list (along with Pat O's, Cafe Amelie and the W French Quarter)

        1. We've eaten at both recently. Although Bayona has always been one of my favorites in the city, they're not at the level Stella's at right now. It's not that Bayona's bad, it's just that Stella's that good.

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            Just did both last weekend and I agree. Stella! gets my vote. Will get a full report up very soon.