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Mar 11, 2008 05:47 PM

Date Night - Need Suggestions

I'm taking my girlfriend out to dinner on Saturday and I could use a little help. Trying to take her some place new (to us) and fun. But the food needs to be good. Here's my criteria:

Location: w/in a $15 cab ride (one-way) from Hancock Park area.
Price: Trying to keep it below $150 total (includes a bottle of wine, tax and tip). Definitely less than $200 - for sure.
Type of food: Anything is good (except chinese, japanese, and mexican).
Quality of food: Doesn't need to be uber-great. But it still needs to be good.
Vibe: Something a little more on the lively/fun side. I was thinking something along the lines of Terroni. But, I can't go to Terroni since they don't take reservations. I anticipate drinking a fair bit, so a really formal restaurant wouldn't be the best.
Places we've already eaten an are trying to avoid: AOC, Pizzeria Mozza, Hatfield's, Terroni, Comme Ca.
I'd love to eat at the Marmont, but sticking a thumb tack in my eye sounds better than being near Sunset Blvd. on a Saturdsay night.


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    1. re: Servorg

      Seconded. Can't do much better than that.

    2. Lou on Vine
      Melrose Bar & Grill
      Village Idiot
      Hungry Cat
      Table 8
      Luna Park

      And I second Tasca

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        1. re: teach

          Good list above. Jones and La Terza might also work.

        2. re: wutzizname

          Good list (esp. Hungry Cat/Bowery/Magnolia, all within walking distance of each other), I would also throw in Campanile (the bar area is less formal and conducive to a bit of drinking, obviously) -- or you can trek down to Luna Park a few blocks down for cocktails (I'm not blown away by L.P.'s food, however).


        3. My first thought was Luna Park. Lively, good food, close by.

          There's also Pastis -- good french bistro food. don't know what their vibe is like these days haven't been in a while

          1. What about the Foundry on Melrose? I know it's received mixed reviews on CH, but I LOVED tasting menu.

            Would also add Citrus at Social.

            1. The original comment has been removed