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Mar 11, 2008 05:41 PM

Vidalia recommendations?


I'm coming into town from Columbus, Ohio this week and will be dining at Vidalia. I am wondering if those who have been there could suggest items on the menu, to avoid or partake in! Not going to Vidalia is not an option, so hopefully I will hear good news about it!

I will also be looking for yummy take out while in town (I'll be around 15th and K) and was wondering if anyone had suggestions. I am not a burger person so much but love Thai and sushi.

Thanks, in advance!


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  1. Not sure what your tastes/ likes/ dislikes are- but off the top of my head if the sweetbread cavatelli is still on the menu (which it may or may not be since winter is on the way out) it's a must. The shrimp and grits are the "signature dish" and really very good. Just depends if you want to venture a bit, but a very safe bet. Lots of pork based dishes, and if the venison is still there- another wise choice.

    The mac & cheese side is great and for desert, the pecan pie is a must. Like I said, not sure what the menu reads right now, but I'm sure you'll have lots of great choices! As I'm from Cleveland originally, welcome to DC for a bit- and enjoy Vidalia.

    1. I was just there this weekend and we opted for the build-your-own tasting menu. It was all good but nothing really wowed any of us (well, besides the lemon chess pie I had for dessert). I really liked the hamatchi app. (wonderfully fresh fish) and my boyfriend got a very cool raw oyster dish (the are suspended in a white wine gelatin). My step-father got a creamy nettles soup that he raved about. For my main course, I had a snapper crusted in potato that was a special for the evening- cooked perfectly but a bit heavy on the fennel for my taste. Seriously, though, don't leave w/out trying that pie!!

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        mmm Vidalia's venison carpacchio.

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          Many thanks for the responses....I'll let you know what happens!

      2. Of course, try the Vidalia onion casserole. The yellow tail appetizer is outstanding. And I agree on the lemon chess pie. Also the pecan pie.