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Mar 11, 2008 05:03 PM

Laughlin, NV

So, I'll be visiting here next week for some spring break action. Any recommendations on fun things (besides jet skiing) and good food? =d Thanks in advance.


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  1. There's no good food in Laughlin. At least there wasn't when we were there two years ago. The best was the steakhouse at Harrah's but even that was fairly mediocre (and somewhat pretentious and expensive for the setting). Everywhere else we ate was pretty awful. The moderators won't let folks tell you what to do in Laughlin because Chowhound is about eating. I'm never going back, I prefer to stick with Vegas. Good luck.

    1. 'The Steakhouse' @ what used to be the Ramada Express, now the Tropicana Express has been a favorite stop everytime I am in town. Better than The Range @ Harrah's.
      It almost comes close to the quality of a Ruth's Chris or a Morton's and it's not a la carte...every entree actually comes w/ a salad (prepared tableside) and a starch of your choice as well as bread basket w/ a trio of infused butters.
      It is probably one of the best options in Laughlin. The table settings are unique as well....the 4 tops are complimented w/ big comfy armchairs....I find "The Steakhouse' a special place in Laughlin!

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        Try the Tropical Cow, which is a little hole in the wall on the second floor of the (very small) Regency Casino (close to the Aquarius). Really good (and fairly cheap) breakfasts; stuff like pork chops and prime rib for dinner.

      2. Okay, if not Laughlin then somewhere close to Laughlin? I'm actually there for 2 days and in Vegas for 4...haha...with someone that's under 21...that'll be fun =P

        1. You know, isn't there an outpost of the Peppermill in Laughlin? If it's like the one in Vegas, it's great big diner breakfasts -- but good food.

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            There is a Peppermill in Reno!
            If there is one in Laughlin...I would make it a must!

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              I actually like it better in Reno than in Vegas. Maybe because it's a hotel not just a coffee shop. I may have even stayed there once forever ago, my memory is a bit hazy. I also have a vague memory of a Peppermill coffee shop in Corte Madera or one of the other cities off the 101 in Marin County, from my Berkeley days in the late 70's and on through the 80's. We had lunch at the Peppermill in Reno in August 2006 and it was real fun with a very weekday-lunchtime-Reno crowd, although the food was highly average. I don't think there's one in Laughlin, at least not that we saw in May 2006, and I think we saw most of the area not just the hotels by the river. Too bad, because it would improve the food offerings in Laughlin for sure.

          2. We just got back from one night in Laughlin yesterday from Sedona and the Range Steakhouse at Harrah's is good for the town but the new Tropicana Express looks like the new game in town..did not go but heard others talk about how good the food was..
            In and Out for a burger for lunch..
            It's no Vegas.