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Mar 11, 2008 04:57 PM

Tiffin Store

Is Tiffin as good as people say (compared to something like Palace of Asia in Wilmington or Palace at the Ben for example)? And if so, is the food there overly salty? Finally, what are dishes not to be missed and those that should be avoided. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm one of the 'people', so perhaps I should not be trusted, but IMO it's the best Indian in the city. I've been to Palace at the Ben, that place is also very good but not as good as Tiffin, and quite a bit more expensive. The atmosphere and service at the Palace are really great though, if you are in a situation where those two things are more important than the food, I'd go there.

    1. I have to say that I didn't think I liked Indian food, because I hadn't particularly cared for it at the places I had eaten it before. I loved Tiffin.

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        Any suggestions on some "can't miss" types of dishes there? I'm not very experienced with Indian foods, but I've loved the flavors when I've had the opportunity to try them. I'm open to any and all suggestions.

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          I highly recommend the butter Chicken, vindaloo malai kofta (veggie dumplings), onion bhaji (in restaurant). Sometimes they have a chicken in mango sauce that is excellent. It's has just a hint of sweetness.

          You should also just try for their daily specials. It takes a little planning - you have to order lunch by 10, dinner by 2(?) but some of the specials are great, especially the indo-chinese dishes.

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            I've had the butter chicken and the chicken tikka masala, and it seems to me they're exactly the same dish and the same sauce, with the latter having a bit more spicy heat to it. So if you like things spicy, get the tikka masala instead. I really like the chicken kali mirch, too. Really everything there is good though, if you read the menu description and it sounds good to you, it probably will be.

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            jeez - "can't miss" for like $10? Sometimes you'll just miss, even if it's your favorite dish. With Indian food usually a good way in is to order punjabi food, such as korma, butter chicken, cream chicken, butter cream nut chicken, or tandoori anything. Tiffin does these pretty well, and sometimes extremely well.

        2. I think that Tiffin serves quality food at a fair price. That said, a good deal of the acclaim that they've garnered has been in regard to their well organized lunch menu delivery system. The lunch menu seems to be relatively fixed from day to day and both the selections themselves and the prices are different (cheaper) from the permanent menu available for dining in and for takeout.

          As far as the dining in/take-out menu, it is well focused with around 5-6 different selections per protein category. Their chicken tikka masala showed a pretty high attention to detail with good quality chicken pieces in a fragrant gravy that was, if anything, just a touch too creamy for my taste.