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Mar 11, 2008 04:42 PM

Alternatives to "LOBSTER" with a view?

Hey everyone-

I really do enjoy "Lobster" in Santa Monica, but was wondering what else is out there. Can anyone recommend a great seafood restaurant in the S.M./ Venice/ Marina Del Rey area with an equally impressive view of the ocean? I'm looking for both quality and ambiance & ideally a great view.


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  1. There arn't any really good seafood restaurants around here with a view.You have to find the View and hope for the best.Mostly your grilled fish type nothing fancy.The Charthouse on P.C.H,The Penthouse(for a view) they probably have a good fish.

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      More relaxed, but with quite a few fish courses is Duke's: and there is also Moonshadows and Geoffrey's (also both on PCH) and while it's not a "fish" place the redone Malibu Inn has a nice dining room with a great view.

      1. re: Servorg

        It's been a while since I was there, but I second Geoffrey's, esp at sunset.

    2. Catch at Casa del Mar. Not the same, exact, stellar view, but a great view in a great room with (I think) great food. Seafood, sushi bar, and grill.

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        Thank you all! I will look into those options. If you have any more epiphanies, feel free to chime in again.

      2. The Lobster... food is good but nothing special. Duke's has a much better view... at least during Dolphin season... it doesn't have the pedigree of The Lobster, its much cheaper... and actually the food is just a notch below The Lobster.