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Mar 11, 2008 04:34 PM

St Patty's Day

I have an out of town friend in town this weekend, and it happens to be St. Patrick's Day. We are dining that night at Oleana. Any suggestions for pubs to celebrate at afterwards?

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  1. The Black Rose by Quincy Market and The Burren at Davis Square are popular, crowded, and charge a door fee. I've gone to The Field at Central Square for these reasons, it's a colorful hole-in-the-wall with not too great food in all honesty. Maybe Matt Murphy's would be good, I haven't been there for St. Patrick's Day though.

    1. From Oleana, my choices in order would be The Druid, The Field then The Burren. I wouldn't expect to have a seat in any of the places though it will be busy but you could just pop into each place for a pint and have a miny tour.

      1. It's generally a total nightmare trying to get into a decent Irish pub on St. Patrick's Day. (And even if you do, you have to deal with the mulleted-mooks who've had 50 beers and shots and want to punch you for accidentally brushing against their shoulders).

        Personally, on that particular day, I'd recommend any bar that ISN'T Irish.

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          And what's wrong with mulleted-mooks? Some of my best friends are ... oh, okay. You win the internet.

          I agree with you ... like New Years Eve, it's the perfect night to stay home.

        2. after dinner? too late. there'll be long lines, big cover charges and drunkin' Irish Yah-Doodz all over the place.

          i'd suggest going to a pub Early (as i am, like at 10am) and then ending your night with dinner at Oleana (get the bread pudding!) unless you're up to the challenge of staying un-assaulted and dry from not having beer spilled on yourself.

          1. Tommy Doyle's in Kendall is decent for a few beers. i don't see the crowd there being too offensive. I agree that St Patty's can be a bit of an amateur hour out there, but it doesn't mean you need to stay home. I don't see Tommy Doyle's as being a bad option at all for a couple Guiness'