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Wacky Cheese & Microwave Action

1- Select glass plate
2- spread out a pile of shredded cheese (cheap sharp cheddar works)
3- sprinkle garlic seasoning
4- microwave EXACTLY 2 minutes (yes, it almost burns)
5- nudge at it with the tip of your very, very clean fingernail (use a butter knife if squeamish) it should happily lift off the dish it a squidgy, lightly greasy, bright orange sheet
6- Now roll it up, and eat before it cools too much

I think it's odd, but not as odd as when I do it with grated Parmesan. That somehow seems gourmet.

What other weird things are done in a microwave that I haven't tried?

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  1. if you put a peep in the microwave, it gets really big and then blows up =]

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      Eeeewwwwwwwww! I'm gonna report you to the SPCP! Be humane. Substitute a plain fat marshmallow and let the little yellow chicks go!

    2. Nice topic for those who don't scorn the mw. I'm going to try your cheese trick by letting the roll (small ones) cool for a salad garnish. Anyway, ...

      1. Chicken hearts and gizzards can explode in the mw.
      2. A bit of cornstarch will dissolve perfectly in a bit of water after a bit; but more time and it turns into a solid.
      3. Heating salt in a glass bowl will often crack the bowl.
      4. You can make perfectly good pate, caponata, rendered chicken fat, all kinds of quick soups, poached fish, vegetables, and baked and mashed potatoes in a mw.

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          Nonsense! Oobleck is a fictitious concoction form a children's story!

          Make Flubber.

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            For science, we use cornstarch to recreate oobleck, in essence. it is a well known science experience that many teachers use. The kids love it and are so fascinated.

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              I was just poking fun, but this is good to know!

        2. re: Sam Fujisaka

          Hot salt is good for interesting things... Get it hot but not too hot and you can bury plastic in for 20 or 30 seconds, then reshape it as you like. Great for custom fitting plastic framed glasses and such. Or putting a lens back into plastic frames if it pops out.

        3. We used to microwave York peppermint patties and call it "hatching the aliens." They look sort of apocalyptic as they bubble away, with their little flat tops.

          1. You can make plasma appear in a microwave by cutting a green grape in half and putting it in the microwave. You have to take out the turntable, and get it as close or into the hot spot as possible.


            1. Glad to see there are other hounds who don't flinch at gettin' down with some Goo made from the Moo.

              I do salad garnishes... we call them "cheese crunchies": small diameter (1.5 inch) discs of a 50/50 mix of sharp cheddar and parmesan. The cheddar gives it form and body, and the parm adds punch and crispness.

              The thinner the better. A bed of 2 shavings thick of cheddar, toppped with parm. Parm is OK if standard grated (as in from the green can), but much better if run on the 1/8th inch hole of the box grater.

              For best results, zap in 2 sessions: 1 to melt and firm, then a 2nd, after blotting to remove the oilyness, for crunch.

              It can really get fun. Try draping the cooling cheese-disc over a canneloni tube or the back of a spoon to cool and harden (for filling), or even drape over a grape tomato or zucchini chunk.

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                Drape the warm cheese disc over the back of a muffin tin and cool there. Great for filling with macaroni or veggies. Adorable as an appetizer.

                The cheese discs can also be made in the oven - use a silicone mat on a cookie sheet so that they don't stick, and watch them like a hawk so they don't burn!

                1. re: Aimi

                  Thanks for that Cool Tip on draping on the back of mini muffin tins. An excellent shape for "cheese crunchie nests". Mine have been more like a fillable taco shell.

              2. Salami Jerky. Take a good Genoa Salami, sliced not too thick, not too thin. Lay slices flat on a paper towel and cover with another paper towel. Microwave for 30 to 90 seconds, depending on thickness and number of slices. It's done when most of the fat and moisture has rendered out and it becomes leathery. Careful, just like popcorn, if it goes even 5 seconds too long, it will scorch. Trail and error will produce the right result in no time.

                What you are left with is a nice salty snack with that salami flavor. I also use it in a very nice first course. I make a homemade Caponata, usually with Swiss chard, Cannellini and tomato and serve it with a thick slice of fresh Mozzarella topped with strips of salami jerky that I have cut in odd shapes, then drizzle a bit of EV Olive oil over that and grind some fresh pepper on it too. Great visual appeal, with a fun variety of textures and saltiness.

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                  You can do it with pepperoni, too. Good low-carb snacks!

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                    Also works for those "beef sticks" in the plastic that come in cheapo gift baskets. We call them "grease cups" cuz they turn into a bowl with a pool of fatty liquid. Dump it and re-mwave. Chewy and tasty use for something that otherwise would languish till the next year. Plus you are getting out alot of the fat so it feels like an o.k. snack.

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                      I make pepperoni chips in the micro. Also shredded parmesan melted in little coins, sprinkled with fresh cracked pepper. A triscuit, with a half of an pimento olive, cover with a slice of sharp cheddar, and cooked until just melted. Nice snacks one and all!

                  2. My ex husband used to melt cheese on a plate and then eat the gooey mess.

                    1. That actually sounds like a nice short-cut for making parmesan tuiles.

                      1. Fun trick, boccone dolce. Its' brought me hours of enjoyment, already.