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Mar 11, 2008 04:04 PM

Best dessert you have ever had where and what?

I want to live through your calories consumed I am dieting but you bet I will try them once I loose some more. Thanks

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    1. Best desserts I've ever had were at Bartolotta at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

      In NY what's come to mind when I want to be sinful are....Tate's coconut cupcakes in Southampton, Banana Pudding at Buttercup, Sage cupcakes in Queens, many items on the Ruby Foos menu, chocolate cookie from Lavain, Tiramisu from ZaZa, most stuff at Bouchon Bakery and Blackhound Bakery. Oh and the choc/green tea molten cake at Nobu.

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        ^^I'm obsessed with Tate's coconut cupcake. I've tried every variation I can think of at home - but nothing comes close to that recipe. I'd KILL to know how to make it. Obsessed I tell you!

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          We are having 50 individually boxed for my sister's baby shower in June. THE Best $3 takeaway anyone will EVER get at a shower. PLUS I talked them into making light pink frosting for me.....this is a BIG DEAL for Tates as they don't like to customize....she's having a girl. YAY.

      2. The food at Olives (Todd English's place at the W Hotel) in Union Square is good, but their pastry chef is doing work that is to-die-for. I went with a party of 7 or 8, so between us we ordered the entire dessert menu, and it was unbelievable. Something simple like warm chocolate pudding cake is made original with lashings of malted chocolate sauce. The malt is so familiar but so totally unexpected.

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          I had a long-running obsession with the vanilla souffle at Olives back in the day. I can still conjure up the way that it smelled, and the way those glistening clouds of eggy goodness looked when the server would pop it open and pour warm creme anglaise inside...

        2. -The galactoboureco (Greek custard cake) at Taverna Kyclades on Ditmars Blvd. in Astoria, Queens. I never knew a non-chocolate dessert could make me feel that way.

          -A phyllo-chocolate "purse" from a restaurant in Bellingham, WA whose name is lost to the mists of time, but that molten chocolate encased in crispy phyllo still haunts my dreams 7 years later.

          -Another nod to Todd English's Olives in NYC. I've had dinner there many times and my first time I had a dessert of homemade Snickers bars with malted chocolate ice cream and about 4 or 5 other elements that just blew me away!

          -Pies from Ebeneezer's Cafe in Sherrill, NY (the smallest city in New York State!). Not far from the Oneida Silver Store. The peanut butter pie is excellent.

          -Any custard dessert from Tea & Sympathy on Greenwich Avenue in the West Village. I recently had an apple crumble with warm vanilla custard. Comfort on a spoon.

          -All of the pies at the Brooklyn Pie Social every September in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. I had my first slice of Hoosier Sugar-Nutmeg Cream Pie and it was divine!

          -My friend's homemade Paula Deen recipe for pumpkin trifle laced with gingerbread and topped with crumbled gingersnaps. Four helpings later, I still craved it.

          -When I feel like slumming, I hit Chili's for their Molten Chocolate Bundt Cake. Not sure if it's still on the menu, but I loved it. And loved it strong.

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            I have had the galaktoboureko at Taverna Kyclades. It is unbelievable and not that difficult to make at home:


          2. Carnegie Deli has the true extra-heavy cheesecake. The version topped with rugelach comes in a wedge 8" wide and nearly a foot high. It's to die for, and from.