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Mar 11, 2008 03:59 PM

New resturant in Wilmington - Ameritage Bistro

It just opened yesterday at 9h and Orange - across the street from the Dunkin Donuts and Ninth Street Bookshop. My boss stopped in this morning, and the owner gave him a bunch of cookies and breakfast stuff to try. I had:

linzer torte - very yummy - no powdered sugar, and a bit chewier thatn normal shortbread
Lemon bar - also good - not too sweet, very gooey
biscotti - very good
some kind of cranberry bread. OMG - yum! So moist and good. It was a nice thick piece.

Those items came from their little market area - it looks like they'll have coffee and breakfast and takeout during the day.

Everything was so good, we decided to go for lunch. The space inside is very nice - dark wood tables and such, but not dark or too masculine, steakhouse-y, if that makes sense.

Warm frisee salad - pancetta, poached egg, warm dressing.
Grilled flank steak sandwich - arugula, tomato, horseradish sauce, side of onion rings

Both were excellent. I could have eaten another of those salads! I ended up taking half the sandwich and onion rings home. The meat was cut a little thinner than I had expected, but it made it much easier to eat.

French onion soup
Ahi tuna

He also enjoyed both of his. He said the soup was on the sweet side, which was good, since it can get too salty. The tuna was from their starter section, so it was a smaller portion. It could have used a sauce, but the tuna was seared well and had great flavor,

We split a walnut gateau for dessert (really, for your benefit:)). It was delicious! They had the usual lemon tart and creme brulee, but this was very different. It is a dense cake made out of walnuts - a bit heavy, but in a good way!

All in all, I would definitely go back. I think the website said they would have valet parking, which will definitely help. The service was good, and I'm sure it will get even better as they are open a bit longer. I think it was priced pretty well for the quality and portion. My sandwich was $9.50, which is more than I would do on a regular basis, but since I can get 2 meals out of it, is still pretty good.


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  1. What is the website url? I'd like to give it a try, thanks.

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    1. re: kmcdonne

      That would have been useful!

      It looks like it will be up on Open Table starting 3/17 as well.

      1. re: stephiehun

        This may sound like a strange question, but do they have a TV near the bar area. We really like to sit and eat at the bar, but we also enjoy really good food and dining at nice places. For instance, we'll in the bar area at The Exchange, Deep Blue, or even Domaine Hudson on occasion. Considering it's NCAA basketball, we'd like to see it on in the background while having a nice meal.

        1. re: meredity

          Yes, there is a television at the bar area... during the week they seem to have some sort of sports on... but on Friday and Saturday evenings I've seen them play classic movies such as Casa Blanca or Citizen Kane etc.. unless it's a major sporting event like the Final Four or something.

          1. re: DelawareMarketing

            Thanks for the info. I did actually stop in there last night on my way home from work. I just wanted to check the place out and possibly pick up something from the market. Stephiehun should have mentioned this at the beginning of the thread: They carry DiBruno brothers cheeses. I was so excited to find something like that in the city.

            We'll definitely be heading there for dinner soon. And of course, I'll probably be stopping by the market weekly for decent cheeses, meats, and incredible peppers stuffed with blue or feta.

            Thanks again for the info.

    2. Has anyone tried breakfast here? the menu for breakfast isn't up on the web. thanks!

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      1. re: asb165

        I'm pretty sure this place doesn't do breakfast. They're not really a breakfast sort of restaurant. They're not even open to brunch on Sundays.

        1. re: meredity

          Oh. They came up when I searched Open Table for breakfast places. Maybe just a glitch in their system.

      2. Just had lunch at Ameritage today, my first meal there. (I have a post on an earlier experience at the cheese counter in another thread.)

        My meal was just OK, not anything like a wow. I had what was described as a baby arugula salad with duck confit and preserved lemon. I got the large size salad (there is also a smaller/cheaper option) and was first pretty surprised by how small it was. Normally "large" salads are almost too much for me to eat, but this one was the opposite--I had to ask for extra bread just to get a decent lunch. The arugula was fine and the duck confit was fine if a bit lacking in flavor. What was really disappointing was that the promised "preserved lemon" turned out to be tiny dice of plain old lemon peel--not even lemon zest. For the first three-quarters of my salad I was wondering if they had somehow snuck in chunks of rubber pencil eraser--that was the texture. Finally it dawned on me that this was the lemon peel. Not a good choice. Ick.

        My friend had the daily vegetarian special of linguine with artichoke hearts, spinach and garlic, and she liked it very much, although she did mention that they really loaded it with garlic.

        As I said, I ended up eating two rolls, neither of which was much good. They looked like the rolls you get at Bertucci's, except the ones at Bertucci's (made with pizza dough) are better. And I am not a person that likes chain restaurants. Ameritage needs to source bread like they're sourcing cheese--from someplace that cares about it.

        Space and service were fine (we ate upstairs) and there seem to be other items on the menu worth trying, so we will probably go back and give it another chance. But this restaurant is not even close to giving Domaine Hudson a run for its money.