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16th and 1st

hey i just started a new job on E16th and 1st and had a hard time finding something good for lunch. i went to a pretty bad pizza place a couple blocks away on 1st. i think it was called arcadia or something like that. is there anywhere around here(walking distance) for some good quick lunch eats thats not too expensive. any suggestions are appreciated. im even open to street vendors. thanks

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  1. You've got a host of Ramen places including Momofuku noodle bar and Setagaya about six blocks down from you. Definitely fits the bill for a quick affordable lunch. I also like Dumpling Man which I believe is 8th(St. Marks) between 1st and A.

    1. Chino's on 3rd near 16th has good pan-Asian food. Otherwise I would look around below 14th St.

      1. On 21st & 1st is Ess-a-bagel. There's a few other bagel places around there, but Ess-a is my favorite.

            1. I used to work on 26th and 1st and I lived in the East Village so I know that area well. Unfortunately there aren't too many good lunch places north of 16th but the EV has good options.

              -There used to be a guy named Steve who sold gyros from a cart on the corner of 1st and 24th or 25th but I'm not sure if he's still there. He always had huge lines and lots of my coworkers loved him (I don't eat meat so I haven't eaten his food).
              -If you want Thai, try roomservice (although I think it's called Thai Terminal now) on 12th b/w 1st and 2nd, they have good lunch specials and they deliver, and their food is great. There's another Thai place on 1st near 18th I think but it's not that great, and you definitely don't want to eat in (it's a tiny dingy storefront, but the food is ok)
              -If you have some time, there are the South Indian places on Lexington near 26th that have great deals on lunch buffets.
              -Murray's Falafel on 1st near 20th is pretty good and they deliver.
              -Ess-a-bagel are the best bagels in the city and they're right on 1st at 21st.
              -Paquito's on 1st b/w St Marks and 9th for great and relatively inexpensive Mexican (they also deliver)
              -If you want good pizza go to Vinny Vincenz on 1st just below 14th or Muzzarella Pizza on A just below 14th.

              1. Bruno Ravioli on 2nd betw. 22nd & 23rd for sandwiches
                Frank's Pizza on 1st betwe. 22nd & 23rd (no slices though, I think)
                Bao Noodles on 2nd Ave. betw. 22nd & 23rd
                Christine's on 1st Ave. betw. 12th & 13th, for Polish food
                Chickpea Falafel on 14th St. betw. 2nd & 3rd.

                Dang Lai on 3rd betw. 16th & 17th for veg. Chinese (see recent thread):

                There are also a number of Filipino places (if you're working at Beth Israel, canvass the nurses) which I can't personally vouch for, but this thread will help:

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                  fyi, there's a larger and closer Bruno Ravioli on 1st Ave @16th or 17th St.

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                    Right you are! I used to live across from the 2nd Ave. Bruno, so my perspective is a little skewed.

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                      Sandwiches at Bruno are solid but never liked their ravioli. Taste like machine pressed cardboard. Much prefer Russo's (mentioned on this thread). Also Murray is hit or miss can be kind of gross as mentioned, but sometimes it hits the spot. Anyone tried the chicken rice cart that opened on 11th and 3rd by the nyu dorm?

                  2. Grill 21 on 21st and 1st has a terrific lunch special with popular American, Filipino and Asian options.

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                      Ruby's on 15th and 1st serves pretty good Thai food. Their Crispy Duck salad is especially tasty. Also on 15th and 1st try Murray's Falafel for good falafel and shwarma. Also, try Senor Pollo on 13th and 1st for Peruvian Rotissery Chicken. Just west of 12th and 1st is Smac for all Mac and Cheese. I believe a tapas and wine bar called Pata Negra just opened up there as well, which if open for lunch would be a great treat. Also, Russo's italian deli on 11th and 1st makes fantastic sandwiches with top quality imported salumi and cheeses. Essentially for everything good, you'll need to travel south, but not too far.

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                        I've always found Murray's to be kind of gross and overpriced (albeit close to OP's location).

                        Cafe Rakka on 1st and St. Marks is a better middle-eastern option, IMO. Even Chickpea on 14th btw 2nd and 3rd is better.

                    2. posto pizza is great and very underrated! close by. report back..

                      1. Zaragoza Grocery Store on Ave. A (btw 13 and 14th) has great and filling mexican food to go.
                        Senor Pollo at 1st and 13th has a terrific chimichurri sauce for their chicken.
                        Vanessa's on 14th between 2nd and 3rd has good cheap soups and dumplings.
                        And don't forget Bite on 14th between 2nd and 3rd. They make delicious, inexpensive salads and sandwiches and terrific hummus -- and they deliver.

                        1. I second Grill 21 and Essa Bagel. Grill has lunch specials for $6.95, I think, but they may have gone up. And Essa Bagel invariably winds up at the top of "best bagel" boards. Also Gracefully, a grocery store on 1st at like 19th, has a deli with salads to order. They're delicious, but a tad expensive. And this new chain-looking Mexican place on 1st above 21st, Moe's or something like that, is pretty good, but nothing memorable. I work in this area, so I know what you're going through. There is some REALLY BAD food around here.

                          1. Big Arc Chicken has a delicious "Super Meat and Chicken" Combo for like $10. Lot's of grilled meats + rice, veg, salad + pita. Also, tons of other stuff and reasonable.

                            Murray's Falafel is terrific. (I'm interested in why "Sugar" finds them to be "gross?") Their food is consistently good and the place is clean and cheerful. They have a $9.00 combo plate where you choose your 3 salads (Baba, Hoummous, Taboulie, etc.), served with falafel balls and pita. Don't forget their homemade hot sauce. Delish.

                            The pizza place you tried was probably Adriatic and I agree it's mediocre, at best. I prefer Frank's on 1st and 22nd, though even that's not great - just OK. (But much better than Adratic, however.) Posto on 2nd/18th is much better.

                            Ess-a-bagel on 1st/21st is terrific. I like the Baked Salmon Salad on a scooped-out Pumpernickle (that actually tastes like Pumpernickle!) Bagel. (They do not toast, so don't bother asking.)

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                              I was actually disappointed with Big Arc chicken the one time I went about a year ago. The chicken was incredibly dry, to the point of being difficult to swallow, and the sides as I remember were bland. Did I just catch them on an off day? Maybe I can give them another shot.

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                                Correction...Big Arc Chicken has been pretty good when I've gone. I was thinking of Lucky Chicken on 22nd and 1st, where I went to day, by the way, and the chicken was much better although they gave me fries when I asked for rice.

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                                  Douglas525 - I agree. Lucky Chicken can be hit or miss. I always tell them to pick me out a "nice, juicy one" but even then I sometimes get an overcooked, dried-out one. Big Arc is usually better, but they're chickens are generally smaller. I prefer their grilled kabobs. Also, if you go in they have tons of interesting-looking-not-on-the-take-out-menu other stuff I've yet to try. Fresh fish, stews and lots of bean/veggie sides. It's true, however - the above-14th-street food around here has never been so good. At least not for the past 30 years I've been living here.