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Mar 11, 2008 03:53 PM

16th and 1st

hey i just started a new job on E16th and 1st and had a hard time finding something good for lunch. i went to a pretty bad pizza place a couple blocks away on 1st. i think it was called arcadia or something like that. is there anywhere around here(walking distance) for some good quick lunch eats thats not too expensive. any suggestions are appreciated. im even open to street vendors. thanks

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  1. You've got a host of Ramen places including Momofuku noodle bar and Setagaya about six blocks down from you. Definitely fits the bill for a quick affordable lunch. I also like Dumpling Man which I believe is 8th(St. Marks) between 1st and A.

    1. Chino's on 3rd near 16th has good pan-Asian food. Otherwise I would look around below 14th St.

      1. On 21st & 1st is Ess-a-bagel. There's a few other bagel places around there, but Ess-a is my favorite.