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Mar 11, 2008 03:43 PM

Gordon Ramseys Pubs

Are they all in the downtown London area (Tube accessible) ? Which one do you recommend The Devonshire, The Narrow and The Warrington? Thanks!

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  1. Forgive me, but the terms uptown/downtown have no meaning in London. The Narrow and the Warrington are reachable by tube/DLR, the Devonshire is a little further away. Details are here

    Oh, and it's Ramsay.

    1. I live in Maida Vale and have eaten at the Warrington twice, once in the restaurant upstairs and once in the pub for lunch, and I haven't been impressed by either. I don't think I'll be going back to eat. Granted, both times were within 2 weeks of the reopening, so it may have been opening hiccups.

      The single salmon cake was ok, nothing special, and came with nothing on the side. The chips, which were £3 extra, were served in a tiny teacup sized bowl and weren't even crispy. The beef pie I had at lunch in the pub tasted fine but was small for the price, and cold in the centre - I had to send it back

      The pub itself is beautiful and worth a look and a beer.

      1. Genius! The Gordon Ramsay rest-runt [sic] experience for a fraction of the price, yes?

        What exactly was his involvement in these pubs i wonder, apart from having some addresses in his property portfolio? "Supervising" the menu? Presumably he's not in the kitchen, verbally abusing his staff all day.

        Im sure the're a hundred or so 'gastro' pubs in London that serve far superior food, but in this world obessesed by celebrity and branding, he's bound to rake it in..

        To me it's kind of the same as a celebrities slapping their smug face on a range of pre packaged conveniece foods (a la Anthony Weasel Thomspon, Lloyd Grossman and that smarmy Jean Christophe Novelli character, who has really stooped quite low this time:

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            Am I missing something or is it that I don't know how to interpret Hayler's reviews. He calls The Warrington a fine gastropub but all the dishes are rated 4/10 or 3/10 etc. Shouldn't the numbers be higher if the food is so good which I'd like to think it is. Help!!

            1. re: zuriga1

              if you read his marking system you'll see that it is the same across the board ie if he reviews a pub or 3* restaurant so pretty good therefore