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Mar 11, 2008 03:35 PM

Where can I find black glutinous rice?

Anyone know where I can find black glutinous rice in Manhattan? (Forbidden Rice is NOT the same). I'm cooking a Balinesian-themed dinner this weekend and would love to make black rice pudding. So far I've struck out on the rice---haven't found it at Fairway, Garden of Eden or Whole Foods. Any suggestions, my darlings?

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  1. I am really happy with the quality of the black glutinous rice at Bangkok Center Grocery on Mosco. I go there regularly for my Thai ingredients and am still working my way through a bag of the black sticky rice. Make mine by cooking the rice until soft, then I add dried mango and simmer another 1/2 hour, then I add the coconut milk and sweetener (agave plus a little palm sugar), then I serve it with a spoonful of the coconut milk and chunks of fresh mango. It is superb. Anyway, Bangkok Center Grocery (closes at 6 on Tuesday but until 8 otherwise). Cheers.

    1. Most of the Chinese grocery stores in Chinatown, like Kam Man, Dynasty, etc., carry it.

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        Yes most of them do. I have both black sticky rice and red sticky rice at home, but don't remember where I bought them. But I know it was definitely in Chinatown. If you go to any of the larger grocery stores, I am sure it will be available.

      2. I would also suggest trying Kalustyan's - you might check their website.

        1. JAS Mart on St Marks b/w 2nd and 3rd has it, too.

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            Found the black rice at the Bangkok Grocery Store on Mosco, a wonderful place for all sorts of Southeast Asian foodstuffs, including other exotic items like lime kaffir leaves, pandan leaves, etc.

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              Isn't that a great store? Did they actually have the kaffir lime leaves back in stock? Fresh or frozen, that is? They were out for about 6 months and were out the last time I was there, about 3 weeks ago.

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                No, they only had frozen kaffir lime leaves. However, I picked up some fresh at Whole Foods. A small container went for a little over $4.00.