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Mar 11, 2008 03:25 PM

What about ordering a hamburger?

There are times when my family and I go out for dinner at a nicer restaurant which has a hamburger on the menu. Since I love hamburgers I enjoy trying ones from these nicer establishments-some have additions one wouldn't find at a diners-be it truffle oil or bleu cheese. But, ,my husband seems somewhat embarrased when I order it and I am sure he would prefer my ordering something a bit more sophisticated. I assume if they didn't want someone ordering a hamburger or take offense to it they shouldn't have it on their menu.
Any thoughts -honestly I am not ordering it because it is less expensive I really love a juicy hamburger. Thanks.

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  1. I feel the same way! I wonder if they put them on the menu for the sake of kids or fussy eaters or because they use the same menu for lunch and dinner. But what the heck! Order what you want.

    1. Do you share food with your husband? Perhaps he just doesn't like burgers. Outside of that, you should order what you want.

      1. Tell him that it is a Salisbury Steak au Pain, smile and enjoy! Lobster is a bottom feeder and ham is a pig's butt!

          1. re: rednyellow

            LOL rednyellow! Foodseek, I LOVE hamburgers and was actually just stating to a coworker today that I crave them daily. I'm with all of the above--order what you like and enjoy. That's what restaurants are for.

            1. re: diablo

              Wow this is great news I can order what I want and hold my head up at the same time. I shared responses with husband of 34 years so we shall wait and see the next time my order goes in for a medium rare burger.

              1. re: diablo

                I'm with diablo in that I crave a great burger at least once a day! A great burger can be the slop monster from the corner walk up window joint or the high end kobe style with fancy toppings, when done properly in my eyes it is one of the worlds perfect foods so have at it!!! My last day in Paris after a 2 week work trip all over France, (wine buying trip so lots of great food) I sat in a bistro and had....a burger, fries and a glass of Champagne and I was soooo happy!

            2. I'm with you 100%. Order those burgers and enjoy--but post your rating system for good burgers!

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              1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                My rating system includes a juicy patty grilled or charbroiled with a "crusty" exterior prepared medium rare. Extra points for sides of crisp lettuce,ripe,red tomato, and slice of raw red or yellow onion. If not added while cooking, I will add black pepper.Grilled onions and "gourmet" toppings are now being explored and I do enjoy a bit of bleu cheese on occasion. Although I prefer a soft bun, I have enjoyed everything from a baguette to an English muffin. Not a fan of special sauces-ketchup is ok at times. Good fries are a plus but not a deal breaker. My favorite burgers over the years include in no particular order: Zuni Cafe,Balboa Cafe,Maxs Diner, Mamas, Big Four,Bills/Clement St.,Eureka, Bistro Burger-San Francisco.Moonshadow (lovely view area)
                Malibu,FathersOffice,Boa,FatBurger, Cassell's Los Angeles/Santa Monica. I also like In/Out burgers but a burger for me can be enjoyed at a sit down restaurant on fine china or a walkup spot equally as well.

                1. re: foodseek

                  Then you've gotta try the burger at GRACE.
                  Classy place, beautiful burger...and a wine list that will make your burger so happy!
                  Oh my goodness, perfect bun, soft packed juicey and flavorful meat...mmm...bring your own ketchup cuz theirs is icky.
                  We've done Burger Night there with 6 people, ordered 2 amazing bottles of wine...all was great in our world.

                  1. re: tatertotsrock

                    So...I went to GRACE on Sunday after a long day of too much physical exertion...craving a good glass of red wine and a burger.
                    Well, not as super as it used to be...however...sitting at the bar, the service was PERFECT, the Southern Rhone Red was amazing and went perfectly with the burger...I was so hungry that I forgot to pick up some ketchup on the way so I didn't eat my fries or half of my burger so I could enjoy at home with some good ol' Heinz57 (I really can't stand that horrible stuff that they want to pass off as ketchup).
                    The bun wasn't as good as I remembered it but the meat was AMAZING! This was the first time that I had ordered the burger without cheese...I was just really craving some meaty goodness...soo good! Just finished the re-warmed-up-in-the-toaster-over half from last night and it was till ooozzy with juices...mmm!
                    I really think I will continue to go for their burger because where else can you enjoy a beautiful glass of wine with your burger without a loud crowd of scenesters shoving you for a seat.
                    I also had to order a soup and a glass of Sylvaner to start becuase I just couldn't resist.
                    Grace never disappoints.
                    Service is always great and Sunday was no different...the bartenders are wonderful!